A Manifestation Workshop

Are you ready to manifest and create an abundant, joyous and fulfilling 2021? 


After a year of so many of our goals and dreams being put on hold and disappearing due to the pandemic, 2021 feels like the year of endless possibilities and hope. We are so ready to return to normal, to meet in-person, to travel, to have more joy in our life, and to start something new.


2020 was the year of introspection, slowing down, looking to see what is working in our lives, and what we have outgrown. And, most of you have realized that you have been playing it small and are ready to take your life to the next level. 2021 is a fresh start to create a new life for yourself. No more hiding, no more saying, “I'm not ready.” It’s time to take action. It’s time to be bold. It’s time to live the life you desire. It’s time to DREAM BIGGER


DREAM BIGGER is a powerful event to help you manifest beyond your dreams so you can live an intentional and abundant life. DREAM BIGGER, a manifestation workshop, will help you set goals for the new year and guide you to find "subconscious blocks” and limiting beliefs that are making it difficult for you to achieve your goals. 


Over two days, you will participate in a variety of manifestation exercises that will start to release fear, the “lack-mentality” and any other blocks that are holding you back. You will DREAM BIGGER, get aligned and manifest your deepest desires.

*This is a virtual event. In order to create a sacred container and for you to get the most of the workshop, you must attend live; there will not be a recording of this event.

Manifesting Excercises

Join us to feel powerful, confident, clear, and with BIGGER intentions for 2021!

Payment plan available:

payments $111


or Venmo @ana_lilia


or 2 payments $200 for Friends tix


or Venmo @ana_lilia

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*Must attend LIVE, no recording will be sent.

There are no refunds for this event.


  • analilia917.jpg

    Ana Lilia

    Founder of DREAM BIGGER, Breathwork Coach + Intuitive Guide

    Ana Lilia is a celebrated breathwork coach and intuitive healer, who’s practice focuses on breath as a pathway for transformation. Ana has empowered 1000s of women to manifest their wildest dreams. Ana specializes in managing anxiety with her exclusive 7 day Breathwork for Anxiety program where she offers a combination of guided meditations, visualization exercises, and intentional journaling. She’s been featured in the LA Times, NBC Nightly News, Harper’s Bazaar, BravoTV, among other publications.


  • Theo O'Leary


    Celebrity healer, Theo was born with natural gifts and the capacity to tap into the unseen world. Her passion on this planet is to help everyone elevate to their highest potential.  She believes that when we live in this frequency, we bless all life around us. Her offerings include: evolution-healing, space clearing, land blessings, c-level coaching, group workshops, mediumship and even pet communication. Theo excels and loves mentoring fellow light-workers to spread divine perspective and truth. After all we are in it together and all deserve miracles! 

  • 101931338_10157930229638283_634439191859

    Vanessa Codorniu

    The Biz Bruja, Hypnotherapist

    Known as a teacher of teachers and healer of healers, Vanessa is an acclaimed international intuition teacher, clinical hypnotherapist and soul business mentor who has hosted more than 10,000 intuitive sessions in the US and online in her 22 years of service. She is the Founder of The School of the Healing Artes supporting the next generation of Latinx and BIPOC healers and leaders to rise!


  • cafeconpam-84.jpg


    EFT Practitioner

    Pam is dynamically skilled as an Intuitive Business Coach, EFT Practitioner, Podcaster, Speaker, and Recovering Procrastinator. She primarily spends her time elevating womxn and small businesses by helping them develop their brand in intuitive ways, while also staying true to their unique story. Pam’s mission is to Spread Ideas, Move People by helping humans find their voice so they can own their story. 


  • unnamed-2.jpg

    Jocelyn Mason

    ThetaHealer and Vison Maker

    Jocelyn offers a profound experience of spiritual and energetic healing, including vision work and manifestation technique. 

    Her mission is to help her clients clear the deep underlying belief systems which block us from ultimate happiness. As a ThetaHealing practitioner, Jocelyn aids in removing blocks, healing trauma, and creating deep wellbeing in all areas of life. 

    Jocelyn works with her clients using real and simple manifestation techniques to illuminate and actualize a vision for their lives.


  • unnamed-3.jpg

    Edith Vasquez

    Medium, Oracle Card Readings

    I am a spiritual reader and healer.

    As a clairvoyant I am able to validate my client's future. I help unblocked energy, motivate and help others grow from within. I also have a beyond-magical connection with crystals. I intuitively choose every crystal that I sell to bring you love, guidance and clarity.


  • Mitzi Andros


    As a gifted Transformational Intuitive Healer and Health Coach, Mitzi Andros, following her souls calling, is now integrating Energy Medicine Healing into her healing practice, applying Ancient Shamanic Wisdom with Modern Science, re-connecting you to your innate gifts and lighting up your life's path.


  • Michelle Morales

    Dancer, Psychologist, Coach

    Michelle Morales, M.S., is an award winning professional salsa dancer, school psychologist, consultant, and coach. She guides people to embody their freedom through movement. Michelle has dedicated her life to advocating for Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) and folks with marginalized identities within the school system. She incorporates dance in her social-emotional curriculums to help students build self-confidence and learn effective problem-solving skills. 


  • Natalie Valle

    Sound Healer | Yoga Teacher | Reiki Practitioner

    Natalie is a purposeful and intentional leader in the wellness space. She is an energy worker and mindset coach based in LA. As a student and warrior of the light, she teaches from her own life experience the beauty and art of loving yourself, how to heal from negative patterns, and truly manifest the life of your dreams. Using different modalities that have helped her along her journey, she helps people create and design a program and experience that fits their unique needs and styles.


  • Jazmin Lopez

    Rancho Colibi

    An avid gardener who over the years has developed a passion for California native plants, Jazmin has spent time honing her craft through programs including the UC Master Gardner’s Program. Utilizing the combination of her professional career in agriculture and personal passion she is working to leave a lasting legacy in the form of a native plant resurgence on California’s Central Coast. She strives to share her passion with hopes that others will recognize, appreciate, use and celebrate the beautiful and healing native plants of our home state. 


  • c678aab8-66a7-4b67-bec9-bc13d1761f44.jpg



    Yoga instructor, podcast host and comedienne. Sacha brings a diverse, fun and light-hearted perspective to all things yoga. She is passionate about using yoga as a pathway to social justice, community healing and liberation. Sacha has practiced yoga all her life and became a certified instructor in 2013. She has taught yoga for the past 8 years and has been a lifelong student. 


Learn 12 manifestation techniques from these master healers. 

Get aligned with your goals so you can manifest your deepest desires.

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