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EP 12: Elizabeth's Journey of Finding Her Voice

EP 12: Elizabeth's Journey of Finding Her Voice

In this episode of Breathe More, Ana chats with her client Elizabeth, who has been on multiple journeys with her for the last three years. They met during the pandemic when Ana was offering community gathering, which was her free donation-based breathwork classes. Since then, Elizabeth has participated in every program that Ana has offered and has undergone an incredible transformation. Ana wanted to talk to Elizabeth to give listeners someone to look up to and let them know that they can change their beliefs that are no longer supporting them. Elizabeth is proof that change can happen when you make the decision to do so.

When asked if she remembers who she was three years ago, Elizabeth says that she can’t. Shedding a lot of identities over the last three years, she has become more confident, authentic, and aligned with herself. It’s hard for her to imagine who she was even three years ago.

Elizabeth has participated in Dream Bigger Mastermind three times. And each time she continues to uplevel her life. Elizabeth received promotions, traveled all over the world, and even started a side business as an Akashic Records healer.

Listen in to discover how much one can grow and transform in just a few years. It’s inspiring to see how Elizabeth has shed old identities and become more confident and authentic.





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