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EP 18: From Negative Mindset to Celebrating Wins with Aissa Thalia

EP 18: From Negative Mindset to Celebrating Wins with Aissa Thalia

In episode 18 of the Breathe More Podcast, host Ana Lilia had a conversation with a former dancer turned happiness mindset coach, Aissa Thalia to talk about the importance of self-celebration, mindset shifts, and healing.

Aissa talks about the power of a positive mindset. She believes everything happens for a reason and emphasizes the importance of healing and self-love. She also stresses that an individual's mindset and energy are vital to achieving goals and finding happiness. Breaking free from negativity and fostering discipline in celebrating accomplishments can help deactivate the brain's default to negative reactions. 

Many people often forget to acknowledge or celebrate their accomplishments. Some of the reasons why people don't celebrate themselves are societal judgment, lack of discipline, or simply unawareness of the benefits. However, celebrating personal wins fosters self-confidence and self-motivation. Aissa suggested a simple practice of writing down on a daily basis one thing you’re proud of to cultivate a sense of self-accomplishment and boost morale.

Aissa is hosting in The Collective an 'End-of-the-year Self-Celebration 'workshop. This workshop will help you reflect on your accomplishments and set goals while releasing any existing blocks. Join the workshop by signing up to be a member of The Collective.




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