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EP 22: From Shyness to Taking up Space: Ada Nei’s Story

EP 22: From Shyness to Taking up Space: Ada Nei’s Story

Hey there, wonderful souls tuning in to another episode of Breathe More! I'm Ana, and today I'm thrilled to introduce you to someone incredibly inspiring. Her name is Ada, and her story is a testament to the power of transformation, healing, and stepping into one's true potential.

About three years ago, Ada became part of my membership community, the Collective. Later, she took a leap and joined my Dream Bigger Mastermind a year ago. Witnessing her journey within this time has been truly remarkable.

When Ada first joined, she was reserved, lacking confidence, and harboring fears of judgment and rejection. Despite holding multiple healing certifications and a desire to share her gifts, she felt blocked. It took the supportive space of the Mastermind for Ada to finally step into her power.

Through a beautiful fusion of sound healing, Reiki practice, and breathwork, Ada crafts transformative healing experiences for others. Her story is a testament to the healing power of self-love, a journey she embarked on to reclaim her confidence and self-expression.

Ada's journey traces back to her childhood when she didn't feel encouraged to express herself freely. This stifled her, affecting her mental and physical health. However, her awakening came through a self-love journey that wasn't just a phase but an ongoing process. The holistic healing modalities she embraced became catalysts for profound shifts in her life.

Joining the Dream Bigger Mastermind marked a turning point. It wasn't just about gaining guidance and support; it was Ada's readiness to embrace change and do the inner work. The deep healing within our Mastermind went beyond strategy sessions; it addressed the roots of her hesitations and fears, especially the parts linked to her inner child.

This comprehensive healing journey led to a beautiful transformation. Ada started manifesting incredible opportunities to share her healing gifts. From workshops to corporate events and collaborations with prominent brands like Rare Beauty (Selena Gomez’ beauty line) and Ashley Tisdale's brand, Ada's journey of empowerment and expansion has been awe-inspiring.

Her story resonates deeply with the importance of setting intentions, doing the work, and embracing healing to create a solid foundation for expansion. Ada's mission is to empower people to feel comfortable in their skin and to feel seen, heard and loved. She strongly believes there is more than enough space for everyone to flourish and shine in this world.

I'm excited to share that Ada will be conducting a sound bath for the members of the Collective as we ease into the new year. Sound baths, a relaxing experience, aid in soothing the nervous system, especially amidst times of uncertainty and transition.

I encourage you to connect with Ada on Instagram @ada_nei, where she shares her journey and offerings. Also, check out her recent interview with Bold Journey—an excellent way to get to know her better.

Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of intention, healing, and collaboration. I hope Ada's story inspires you to embrace your journey and step into your power with self-love and resilience.





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