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Breathing through a tug-a-war of emotions 💨💨💨

Can time please slow down!

Anyone else felt like they were on an emotional roller coaster this last month? Blame it on Mercury Retrograde or a “growth period,” as my teacher calls it, but I felt like I was having a tug-a-war with my emotions. I would go from feeling happy, to sad, excited to depressed, angry to peaceful. And on top of that, the fact that 1/3 of the year is gone is giving me anxiety.

I have had amazing opportunities come my way. Just a couple of weeks ago I taught a breathwork class at a public relations firm and they loved it! I also started teaching a weekly class at Unplug Meditation. And next month I will be leading a meditation for approximately 300 people at an event for the American Heart Association. These are all wonderful things that I’m grateful for, yet I’m still not in the place where I would like to be.

I really struggle with patience and celebrating my current accomplishments. Instead, I spend a lot of time focusing on what I still haven’t accomplished and comparing myself to others (on social media). Both are the perfect recipe for having a shitty day. During one of those bad days, I saw on Instagram a post about The 100 day project. It’s a global art project, where you choose an action to do for 100 consecutive days. I chose to write inspirational quotes on sidewalks. I’ve had this idea for a long time, but never got around to doing it, until I saw this initiative. Not only will these quotes hopefully bring a smile to someone’s face, but it has also helped me to stay positive and focused.

I am also super aware of my thoughts and make a conscious effort to really focus on the positive things in my life. When I am truly present and I see where I’m at in my life right now, I am in awe and feel really proud of all of my growth and accomplishments. And when you show up for class or for your private session and you share what breathwork has done for your life, you give me fuel to keep going. And I am reminded of the importance and the huge impact breathwork has in people’s lives.

So I want to thank you for being my supporters, and my motivation and also my teachers. There are a lot of special events and weekly classes happening. I look forward to seeing you soon. And I always love to hear from you. Let me know how you survived Mercury Retrograde. Much Love, Ana


"I have never experienced anything like that."

"That was so powerful."

"My body was vibrating and it felt like I left my body at some point."

"I was surprised by the range of emotions and thoughts that came up."

"I can't remember the last time I felt this relaxed." Find out more about private sessions here.


One of my favorite things about breathwork is the music therapy component. I love making playlist and if you've attended my classes or have had a private session with me you know I never repeat my playlists. You can find my breathwork playlists on Apple Music and Spotify.

And here is a fun playlist I made just for you. Apple Music Spotify


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