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Springing into Action

Happy Spring!

Over the last two years I’ve been planting a lot of seeds and recently many of them have begun to sprout to the surface. Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the #weallgrow summit and facilitate a breathwork class during the wellness day. It was absolutely amazing! I learned so much during the four days of the summit. And I am so grateful to have been able to introduce so many new people to breathwork. After all the excitement from the summit, I had a full week with private clients and classes that continued to remind me how powerful and life changing breathwork can be. The amount of healing that can happen in an hour is unbelievable. While all of this was happening I was also getting ready to fly back east to help one of my sisters and her two cats move back home from Maine. My sister is going through a major transition and being the oldest sister (and a healer), I was ready to help her with my healing tools and advice. However very quickly it was made clear to me that my sister didn’t want to talk or meditate or breathe or use any of my healing tools. So instead I decided to also limit my questions and conversation and just hold space for her. This was so challenging for me, to feel like I’m just sitting back and not “actively helping” my sister. Accepting that everyone has their own journey and process seems to be my life lesson. You can’t speed up the process for people. You can’t take away their pain, and you can’t control them. Attempting to do any of this just creates frustration, resentment, and more pain for each of you. So I (actively) breathed, a lot on this trip. I meditated every morning before we got in the truck. I used all my tools to give me the mental, emotional, and physical strength I needed to make this 3000 mile drive back home as fun and easy as it could be. And it was! We decided to take a detour to see the Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona. It’s beyond gorgeous; I highly recommend visiting this area! This drive was during the perfect time of year, springtime. A time to reflect on your life and see what's working and what you want to change. It's a time to plant new seeds and spring into action. This Saturday March 24 Aubrianna and I will be teaching a Spring Clearing Workshop to help you do just that. We will clear old pattern beliefs that no longer service you and we will begin to manifest what you want to grow in your life. Thank you for your continued support and for sharing your journey with me. I look forward to seeing what you create during this new season. Sending you much love, Ana


Private Sessions "Ana’s breathwork sessions are indescribable, in the best way possible. Think of a “massage for your soul”...breathing through things you knew, and then maybe things you didn’t. No two sessions are the same in terms of experience, however I always leave feeling relaxed, soothed, and grateful. It is interesting because while Ana prompts you, ultimately YOU are the one “churning through things” (if you are open to it!) so it becomes this supportive, comforting work. The best part for me is Ana’s playlists during the session. She has a unique

intuitive gift for selecting beautiful, special music that flows with the session. The music holds your hand on the mini-journey, and it is magic. While it may sound cliche, you truly need to just experience a session with Ana to “get it”, but once you do, you will understand why words don’t do justice to Ana and her breathwork." -L.S.


I LOVE Music!

When you're driving cross country and spending 12 hours a day on the road, music is crucial to get you through the day. Here's the March playlist I made for you inspired by my road trip. Spotify Apple Music And if you want to listen to my breathwork playlists make sure to follow me on Spotify or Apple Music


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