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Adjusting vs. Changing 🌟

Changes vs Adjustments

Saturday I watched a documentary called Love Means Zero about the tennis coach Nick Bollettieri (he was Andre Agassi’s coach). One thing that stood out was when he talked about the difference between change and making adjustments. “Adjustment versus change are totally different. When people hear the word change, their mind goes into convulsions. But if you do a little bit here and a little bit there, it comes out to be a change and the student doesn’t realize it.” Most of us have things in our lives that we want to change. Situations, work, relationships. But as Nick says, our brains freak out thinking about making a change. So what if instead we make adjustments in our lives to help us take that next step forward.

This is what I’ve been doing with my relationship with social media. I’ve had so much resistance to “play the game” of social media. However, it’s become something you include in your resume and pitch emails. I’ve been hating the algorithms, the way people are “cheating the system,” and that it’s become so “important” for businesses. After resisting for a long time I finally gave in and I adjusted my attitude. I can be on social media and remain authentic and create content that reflects who I am. I may not have a profile with a color palette or beautiful pictures, but aren’t we all burnt out on these perfect lifestyle images of “influencers” vacationing for free in exotic locations. (I said I adjusted my attitude, not changed it. 😉) This has helped me to enjoy the process even more and I've been getting positive feedback on my content.

Another adjustment I have made is reconnecting with my hosting roots. Recently I rediscovered the joy that talking into a camera brings me. So I decided to create Minute Meditation videos to post on Instagram. It’s been fun and challenging. A minute goes by fast. And I wondered if a minute was enough time for people to feel a difference, but the feedback I’ve gotten is YES, a minute can help change someone’s energy.

This short meditation trend continued with another event for the American Heart Association. I was given the task to lead 10 minute meditations to individuals for 3 hours straight. That too was a lot of fun yet challenging. Most of the attendees were new to meditation and were surprised by how different they felt after 10 minutes of meditating.

I have a lot of breathwork events happening this month. One really cool event is a collaboration with Pamela, who is a sound healer. We are going to do a Coming Home Breathwork + Soundbath event in her gorgeous tipi in Agoura Hills. My beach breathwork class is back in Santa Monica! I’m going back to East LA this Sunday at People’s Yoga. And I have my monthly crystal breathwork workshop at Open Eye.

Hope to see you soon! Wishing you a fun and relaxing summer!

Much love, Ana


I'm on day 90 of #the100dayproject


Private Sessions I hear it all the time, every breathwork session is completely different. And to help you experience that I have a new private session package: 3 sessions for the price of 2. This is for sessions at my Hollywood location. Expires 6 months after purchasing.


"You're a DJ healer." - David Every breathwork class and private session has a completely different playlist. They are all intuitively curated. You can find them on Apple Music and Spotify @breathewithana. And to keep things light and fun, here is your Summer playlist Spotify Apple Music


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