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3 Reasons Manifesting Isn't Working For You

Recently, I was thinking of all the times I held on to my dreams with a death grip and stressed so much about how I was going to make them happen that my dreams just became yet another source of stress in my life.

That's no way to live! Dreams are supposed to make you happy, motivate you, and be a source of joy as you work toward realizing them. They're NOT supposed to make you feel anxious or overwhelmed.

Now, I use my tools to gain clarity, release resistance, get aligned and (most importantly) HAVE FUN with my dreams.

1. You're hyper-focused on “How” you're going to reach your goals. When your ego is attached to how things happen, it actually creates resistance by blocking the many other things, situations, and people that could bring your dream into fruition. Rather than being focused on specifics, create a vision of what you want for your life and then let go of how it happens. This frees the universe up to work its magic in ways you could scarcely imagine!

2. You put your goal on a pedestal and label it in your mind as “important”. While it seems like this is what you should do, what actually happens when you do this is you put that dream out of reach on a vibrational level. Instead of viewing your dream as something lofty and hard to attain, practice viewing it as simply a part of who you are. When you see your goal as being the natural path for your life, things will begin to flow so much more easily.

3. You're way too serious about your dreams… literally. Your dreams should be FUN. The more serious you are, the more solid and heavy things feel… which makes it hard for things to flow. Instead of taking things so seriously, focus on having fun. Enjoy the process. Enjoy the movement. The more you do this, the more your positive energy will flow and you'll find yourself achieving your goals easier than ever before!

Need help releasing the HOW, getting aligned, and having more fun?

For deeper support, the next round of Dream Bigger Mastermind starts next month! We will help you step into a bigger life, feel confident and stay accountable to your goals.

I can't wait to help you manifest your biggest dreams! ✨


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