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5 Common Reasons We Struggle to Get Momentum

Are you struggling to start or get momentum on a project or goal? These are 5 of the most common reasons I see my clients remain stuck or procrastinate in getting started.

1. Lack of confidence in your plan: There isn’t a plan with actionable steps. You don’t know where to start or what to do next.

2. Lack of confidence in yourself: Feeling not good enough, or ready, or even deserving of working towards the goals is huge obstacle.

3. Lack of resources: Sometimes there’s a financial problem, where they don’t have money to invest in their project or goals. Or they don’t have the support from people in their life and they feel like they have to do it all alone.

4. Fear of success: Believe it nor not, this is a very real block. Success would bring a lot of change into their life, and to think about that can be overwhelming and feel scary.

5. Can’t seem to focus: There is an abundance of ideas. They start one thing and then talk about doing something else, even before they have mastered the first thing or tested it to see if there’s proof of concept.

If you can relate to any of these blocks, I invite you to join my Mastermind - 12 weeks of group coaching, plus private sessions with me to help you feel more confident, have resources from the people in Mastermind to help you manifest, remind you are deserving and help you stay focused.

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