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Are You Playing Small?

I love guiding people to manifest their dreams. I noticed many people in my community were playing it small.

They were working jobs they didn’t like because it paid the bills. They were putting their passion projects to the side, telling themselves what’s the point.

They were afraid to take the leap and put action behind their goals.

That’s what inspired me to create the Dream Bigger Mastermind.

I wanted to help them manifest their goals, even though it scared them.

So in 2020, I created an intimate group coaching setting where we gather to work towards our goals.

We encourage each other, reprogram beliefs and take our lives to the next level.

“Beginning Mastermind with Ana was, hands down, one of the best personal investments I have made in all my adult life. With Ana’s guidance, each session built on rediscovering passions, dreams, and talents - all while unlocking the inner confidence that I especially needed. It is because of Ana’s Mastermind program that I have done more with my music in the last five months than in the last decade. You will not be disappointed - in both Mastermind and in what your great potential is." - Ali M.

Are you ready to make some serious changes in your life?

But feel overwhelmed thinking about it?

If so, let’s hop on a 15-minute call to see if the Dream Bigger Mastermind! It's a 6-month program that will help you feel confident, heal, and get you aligned with your goals.

We will work to reprogram limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck, create a new dialogue to set you up for success, get clear on your goals and the steps you need to take to achieve them.

Start making your dreams a priority and let’s put some energy behind them.

Apply today to join the Dream Bigger Mastermind! We start mid-February.

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