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Breathe More Podcast Episode 19. Does Your Inner Teen Need Healing?

🎙️ New episode of Breathe More🎙️

When was the last time you connected with your inner teenage self? 🎙️ In episode 19 of the Breathe More Podcast I talk about the importance of connecting with our inner teenage selves. Plus, I guide you in a short meditation to connect with your teen self.

Key takeaways from the episode:

1. Recognition of Inner Teenage Self: Your teenage self is a part of you who also wants love, safety, and understanding. Understanding the signs of a triggered inner teen can help in addressing repressed emotions.

2. Healing Practices: Use meditation, journaling, and visualization exercises to connect with your teen self, release trapped emotions, and re-energize your teenage self with love and power.

3. Integration and Expression: Integrating your teen self by doing activities that brought joy during your teenage years and being unapologetically yourself can bring healing, clarity, and empowerment.

So, if you’ve been neglecting your inner teen, this episode is a must-listen. 🎧 Listen on your favorite platform or my YouTube channel. 💫

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