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Connect with your body to attract abundance.

I recently had the pleasure of catching up with people who attended last year’s DREAM BIGGER event and loved hearing how what they learned has transformed their lives.

For many, that event inspired them to set their own goals for the first time ever - instead of just going along with the goals that other people expected of them. They were also able to update their goals rather than holding on to old, outdated ones.

They got super honest with themselves about what they wanted in life... and finally started to release their doubts and fears. This freed them up in so many ways, giving them the clarity and confidence they needed to go all-in for their BIG dreams. Because of that, many of them manifested all kinds of amazing things - despite the craziness of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, we want you to be able to manifest all the things you want in life, so DREAM BIGGER will include even more manifestation exercises to help you release the trauma your mind and body endured last year (and beyond). This will help you feel safe and open - both of which are essential steps to receive abundance.

Because I believe strongly that our bodies hold on to information (both good and bad), this 2-day event is going to include more body work than ever before!

🧘🏻‍♂️ On day 1, Natalia Valle will kick off the event with a Yin Yoga class, which will help invigorate your body’s energy centers, release blockages, and help you energy flow better.

🧘🏽 On day 2, Sacha will guide us in a Kundalini Yoga class to help reawaken and realign your chakras.

💃🏽 We will also be joined by Michelle Morales, who will be leading a dance workshop to help you connect to your power, inner wisdom, and essence through self-expression.

It’s going to be so fun and energizing! Learn more about the full lineup of renowned healers at this year's virtual Dream Bigger event here!



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