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Day 3 of the 2022 Holiday Calm Challenge

As amazing as our brains are, it can often feel like they’re trying to sabotage us at every turn… especially when you live with anxiety. When we add family (or not being able to be with family), financial stress, planning, and holiday perfectionism into the mix, it’s even easier to start spinning.

When your mind spirals into an anxious state, it can often feel like you’re stuck in a loop… with no way out.

On Day #3 of the Holiday Calm Challenge, the guided meditation helps you clear your mind, get out of that loop you get stuck in, gain clarity, and (most importantly) feel calmer and at ease.

Ready to feel clear and calm? Join the Holiday Calm Challenge. Or share it with a loved one who’s been feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Click here to sign up. 🎄✨💛

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