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Do you know about happy hormones?

Do you know about happy chemicals?

There are four main brain chemicals that play a role in how you experience happiness.

* Dopamine. It’s an important part of your reward system; when you do things that feel good or pleasurable or when you complete a task. Dopamine also helps with movement and motivation.

* Serotonin. It helps with satisfaction or importance. It also helps regulate your sleep, appetite, and mood.

* Oxytocin. It produces feelings of love and connection. Also known as the cuddle hormone, the brain may produce oxytocin during sex or maternal behavior such as childbirth or breastfeeding.

* Endorphins. They trigger positive feelings when you do something you enjoy such as having sex, laughing, or exercising. They also stimulate pain relief, which is the same reaction that occurs chemically when taking prescription opioids. The euphoric feeling endorphins produce helps mask pain.

Take control of your happiness by doing more things that light you up. ✨

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