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Ease into your healing.

When I started to facilitate Breathwork 7 years ago, I mainly was teaching people how to manage their stress and anxiety by changing the way they breathe.

But as my gifts developed (clairvoyant 👁️ and clairaudient) and I continued my trainings, I realized that we have to do deep healing in order to get the results we want.

That's when I started to share in my breathwork sessions messages I was receiving to guide you to go deeper with this work. That has led to thousands of people having breakthroughs and deep, long lasting healings. Which then helps them manifest their desires more easily.

I know you might be wanting those big changes in your life, but the thought of doing the work sounds intimidating. I have 3 easy ways to ease into your healing.

1) Join my virtual breathwork class this Saturday - it's a 45 min workshop where we breathe, listen to good music, and feel lighter by the end.

2) Join my upcoming in person Full Moon Ceremony (in Hollywood). This will be an intimate gathering where you will experience hands-on healing, Breathwork and other rituals I love to do under a full moon. 🌕

3) Join The Collective - This membership will ease you into your healing. We have 4 live monthly workshops to teach you new tools, coach you and be in a supportive community that immediately "gets you." Plus, there's a library of meditations, including my Breathwork for Anxiety program.

You don't have to stay in the pain and discomfort anymore. There is a way out, I have witnessed it with so many people. And I'd be honored to help you do the same.

Hope to see you soon at my next upcoming event. 🌻

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