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Find The Guidance, Encouragement, and Support You Need

Has anyone else been feeling a little off? Lately, I’ve been holding at the same time opposite emotions; from excitement and joy to sadness and grief. It’s a lot for anyone to hold all by themselves, luckily I have a loving support group. But that’s not the case for everyone. That’s why last year I created The Collective. I was seeing my clients having incredible healings and transformations, but they also felt lonely during this process. Their friends and family weren’t on the same journey and they were also outgrowing a lot of relationships. I’ve found that one thing that helps is being part of a community that’s on a similar path — so you get the guidance, encouragement, and support you need to keep moving forward. The Collective is my one-year membership for powerful individuals who are committed to living as their highest selves. It includes multiple transformative group calls each month - but the magic really is in the amazing community you'll be able to call yours. Early enrollment is open now through Saturday at midnight PST. Why join The Collective? "I joined The Collective for the support, accountability, and inspiration. I have gained so much the past year doing breathwork and Mastermind with Ana. I want to keep the momentum going and consistently work toward my goals. I also know how important the community and support are to achieving my dreams. I can’t wait to see what the coming year brings!" ​ ​ - Susan What could the next year bring for you while you’re in The Collective? In The Collective, you’ll learn techniques and gain tools that will help you transform yourself and your life into exactly what you envision.

- Self Hypnosis - Self Love practices - Moon Circles - Human Design - Gratitude practice - Career Coaching - And more… Click here to join us! The first month is free when you sign up today.

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