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Having Support While Healing From Trauma is Vital.


Most of us deal with it in some form. We even know that we need to heal from it in order to move forward and live life as our best selves.

But doing the actual work to heal? That’s the hard part!

Not only is it hard — it’s also scary!

We don’t know what we'll dig up or how we’ll respond once we’re looking it in the face.

That’s why it’s so important to have someone on your side who can guide you through the healing process. Someone who will be there to not only help you do the work but to make sure you’re not alone while you’re doing it.

That kind of support can make a huge difference!

This is why I’m so passionate about making sure people have a safe space in which to uncover, confront, and heal from past traumas that are impacting their present (and their future). Here’s what Eve has to say about her experience in my signature program, RESET:

“After a year of taking Ana's breathwork classes, I finally decided to dig deeper and do RESET. I was nervous at first to uncover past traumas but also understood the importance of gaining clarity. Ana made me feel both supported and safe which allowed me to feel comfortable being vulnerable throughout each session. RESET gave me insights on my past which helped me release blocks that were holding me back. Not only did I gain clarity, but most importantly I now shine a newer and brighter light. A light that exudes confidence, self-worth, and lots of love. I feel empowered to step into this new light manifesting my biggest dreams into reality.” -Eve

Want to learn how I can help you finally heal from past traumas — so you can live in the present moment and build a future you love? Book your FREE 30-minute call with me here. ❤️

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