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How I Dealt With Feeling Triggered

Last week I woke up to an email from someone who attended my Self-Love Beach event calling me a fake. She told me I was out of touch, superficial, scripted, commercial, inauthentic, and YouTube has better meditations than what I offered. To say I was shocked after reading this message is an understatement. I felt so hurt by the message, to the point that I spent most of the day crying and feeling sad.

My reaction to this message showed me I was triggered. I know not everyone will resonate with how I hold space. I also know that to send a message like this probably means they are going through a rough time. And everything I was accused of in this email is not true. Yet I was deeply hurt.

So I guided myself in a practice that I do with my RESET clients.


I asked myself, what part of me is hurt? Does this email remind me of another time in my life when I felt attacked or someone accused me of something that's not true?

Immediately I felt my inner child say "that was so mean." Memories of when I was bullied as a child came up. My inner child felt confused about why she was being picked on when all she was trying to do is help and be a kind, loving person.


The next step is validating your emotions and expressing them in a safe place. I let my inner child cry. She felt the sadness, the anger, and the hurt.


I then gave my inner child a lot of love and comfort and gave her examples of all of the people we have helped. Not everyone is going to like us, but there are so many people who like to meditate and heal with us.


I then did some breathwork to clear my energy and regulate my nervous system. Breathwork is a powerful tool to process traumas and triggers.


By the end of this process, she felt loved and safe again. And I (the adult) felt the same way.

If you are currently feeling triggered and need help processing your emotions, I am currently taking on new RESET clients. I will teach you tools to help you have awareness and navigate challenging moments that will continue to come up in life. Click here to set up a free call with me.

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