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Keep calm during the Holidays

After my week up in Northern California I’m making a quick stop to visit my parents and sisters in Greenfield. Shortly after I arrived I immediately got super triggered by my mom. Our family is our biggest mirror. They easily shine light on what has yet to heal, what emotions still don’t feel validated. I’m grateful to have so many tools I can use to navigate stressful situations, but I’m far from perfect. I reacted to my mom’s fear based belief, instead of taking a pause and responding to the situation.

I’m also grateful tomorrow is the first day of the 7 day Holiday Calm Challenge. We all need emotional and mental support during this time. Each day we will be listening to a daily mediation to feel calm and in control of your emotions in the midst of the holiday stress. You will have the support of a group and accountability. And if you want to take this challenge a little deeper, there are journal prompts to help you create awareness of why you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. And remind you of the positive throughout the holiday season. Plus there’s a bonus emergency meditation for you to achieve instant calm and a free Live breathwork class Tuesday December 21 to help ground you before the holiday weekend.

Join the challenge for free with my Breathwork for Anxiety program. These mediations are yours to keep forever. 🎄⭐️💛

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