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Only 20% of People Set Goals

What happened to the 70% who didn't manifest even though they wrote down their goals?

Several things might have gotten in the way:

-> Mindset didn't match the goals. Think of all the stories, beliefs, and blocks that keep you stuck from taking action. Well, we need to reprogram them and heal them so your brain can get on board with your goals. This will happen during my Dream Bigger Mastermind because you get 1-1 breakthrough sessions with me to heal those blocks, plus we also do mindset exercises in our group coaching calls.

-> Needed accountability. It's not easy to stay consistent, especially when you're doing something new and breaking old patterns. In the Dream Bigger Mastermind, you will be held accountable. You will have "homework" to keep you on track. And if you keep procrastinating, we will get to the core of why this trauma response has been activated.

-> Didn't have the support. It's so easy to stay stuck in the "I'll get to it later." Yes, life gets super busy and before we know it another year has gone by and we are in the same situation. But not when you have the support and encouragement from a community that is also working towards a bigger, thriving, and abundant life. You will feel so safe and understood and seen. Even when things get tough, you will have new friends to hold you and remind you you're not alone.

Sign up today to book your free 15-minute call to discuss how the Dream Bigger Mastermind will help you manifest. ⚡️


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