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Revisiting Last Year's Dream Bigger

Recently, I caught up with some of the amazing people who attended last year’s DREAM BIGGER event...

It was incredible to hear the ways in which their lives have transformed after attending DREAM BIGGER.

For many, that event inspired them to set their own goals for the first time ever - instead of just going along with the goals that other people expected of them.

They were also able to update their goals rather than holding on to old, outdated ones.

They got super honest with themselves about what they wanted in life... and finally started to release their doubts and fears.

This freed them up in so many ways, giving them the clarity and confidence they needed to go all-in for their BIG dreams.

Because of that, many of them manifested all kinds of amazing things - despite the craziness of the last year.

New jobs were manifested, new homes, more money, a new relationship, engagements, babies, inner peace, confidence, new businesses.

So much abundance!

Dream Bigger is happening in two weeks! Join us virtually on Saturday, February 5th to soak up 6 manifesting exercises that have the power to change your life if you let them.

Make sure you get your ticket soon. Head here now 💫

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