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Self-Care Sunday Ideas for You to Try!

It’s taken me a long time to make my happiness and well-being a priority. And that all starts with putting myself first and doing things that nourish my body, mind and spirit. Here are some simple #SelfCareSunday ideas to inspire you to take care of yourself.

  • Go for a walk

  • Listen to music (I have hundreds of playlists available on Spotify, just search for breathewithana)

  • Eat outside in the sunshine

  • Drink water (I drink almost a gallon of water each day)

  • Say positive affirmations

  • Declutter your home

  • Call someone you love

  • Prepare healthy meals for the week

  • Donate items you no longer use

  • Move your body, dance, exercise, ride a bike

  • Be out in nature

  • Garden

  • Laugh

  • Take a bath

  • Light your favorite incense

  • Read a book

  • Put your phone on “do not disturb”

Self-care can be as simple or as indulgent as you want it to be. It's whatever makes YOU feel like the absolute best version of yourself!

Let me know your go-to acts of self-care in the comments!

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