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Special Healing Event in Napa

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Since I arrived to my hometown Napa, my inner child has been very present. She has felt uneasy, anxious, I have felt her body feel tired and tense up. Lots of memories have come up as I drive past certain places. Also my dreams have been super vivid and I’m processing a lot of childhood traumas. I’ve had to remind my inner child that she is safe, she is loved, and she is not alone. I’m also asking her how I can help support her…this morning she wanted a donut from her favorite bakery Butter Cream in Napa. 🍩👭💛

This Saturday October 9, I am hosting a healing event with my friend and shaman @solebodymo in Napa. We are going to guide you to connect with your soul and your inner child or any part of you that needs support and love. I’m so excited to bring my work to my hometown and share it with my clients who live in the Bay Area. And also meet new people and introduce them to the power of breathwork. If you’ve been feeling unsettled, join for a beautiful afternoon to release, align and connect with your power. Sign up here

Have you noticed your inner child gets activated when you go back home?

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