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STOP Manifesting Your Fears

Fear is something we all experience. It’s a way that our brain keeps us safe when it thinks we are in danger.

However, fear might also be one of the biggest reasons why you might not dare to dream. It might be one of the reasons why you continue to stay small, and why you may not step into your dream life. A lot of times, these fears ARE NOT based on what’s actually happening at the moment. Rather it's based on past experiences.

You might have a fear of: The unknown, Failure, Success, Losing someone’s love.

You might suffer from: Inferior complex, Imposter syndrome, Perfectionism, Lack of confidence.

And sometimes, these fearful thoughts are so constant and stuck in a loop that they start to manifest into self-fulfilling prophecies. So, how do you stop manifesting your fears?

1) First things first: identify your fears. Once you know your fears, dig into where they come from and the situations that cause them.

2) Next, ask yourself what beliefs do you have about the fears and identify how accurate your beliefs are. Look for factual proof of your fears. Are the things you're telling yourself even true?

3) Finally, REFRAME! Replace your repetitive thoughts with more rational ones and start taking small steps to face whatever it is that you fear.

If you’re ready to manifest your deepest desires, join me this Saturday, January 21 for Dream Up The New Year, a free manifestation workshop. In this workshop, you will be guided step-by-step to identify and start to release fear, the “lack-mentality” and any other blocks that are holding you back so you can get out of your own way and start seeing your dreams become reality! I am so excited for you to learn tools and breathwork techniques that can help you move out of fear and into excitement and hope this year.

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