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Thoughts and Dreams are Powerful

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Have you checked in with your thoughts lately?

Whether we are conscious of it or not, our thoughts are powerful and they are constantly being reflected into the universe. Whatever you are thinking your brain is going to show you evidence to prove that you are right.

So ask yourself…is this a thought I want to manifest into my life?

I work with my clients to teach them tools on how to take control of their thoughts and “flip them” into something they do want to manifest in their life…even when it’s something that could be perceived as negative.

This is an exercise we will be doing at DREAM BIGGER. My yearly virtual manifestation event. It’s taking place Saturday February 5…and tomorrow is the last day to get the Early Bird Special. Use discount code EarlyBirdDreamBigger to save 20%.

Learn more about all the magic taking place at Dream Bigger here.

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