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Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Today I celebrate the women in my Summer Mastermind. We’ve been meeting for the last 6 weeks and they have already manifested their goals. One woman quit her corporate job to start her own business. As soon as she made the decision to leave the toxic work environment, she started to attract more clients for her own business. Another woman is experiencing a flow of abundance in her business. She is making the most money she’s ever made with her business. She’s listening to her intuition and showing up more authentically, confidently, and is currently completely booked with clients. Another woman is stepping outside of her comfort zone, doing things that scare her and making herself more visible. She’s speaking up, creating new boundaries. And she too is seeing a big shift in her life. More opportunities, money, and happiness.

This is what happens when women come together and support each other’s dreams. They manifest quickly and in a much bigger way. If you’ve been wanting to be part of a supportive community, where your dreams come true, join the waitlist for my next Mastermind. The last one of the year is starting in the fall.

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