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Updated: Oct 21, 2021

I took this selfie right after getting my second vaccine back in May. I felt so happy and relieved knowing I would be able to hug and see my friends and family. I had no side effects from the vaccine, and the process was easy and free.

Over the last 18 months, our lives have changed drastically. I have never seen my community so stressed out, anxious, worried and burnout since this Pandemic started. I have held space for wives who have lost their husbands due to COVID-19. I also have friends who lost their parents due to COVID-19. My clients are ER nurses who have PTSD from the trauma they have witnessed and continue to witness in hospitals. My clients are parents who were so overwhelmed trying to juggle working from home and teaching their kids. I have led breathwork sessions for groups of teachers who have experienced many intense situations navigating this pandemic, while trying to teach virtually. My clients are young adults who are so anxious and depressed they’ve had suicide ideation. I’ve had clients who had to postpone major life events like weddings. Clients who had to give birth alone. My own father relapsed in his 30 years of sobriety due to the severe anxiety he was experiencing from the pandemic. I can go on and on about how many terrible things have happened due to this pandemic and unfortunately many will continue to happen if we don’t get vaccinated.

When you #GetVaccinated, you’re less likely to:

• Get sick from COVID-19 and its variants

• Experience severe symptoms or hospitalization if you are infected

• Spread illness to loved ones and community members

The bottom line? #VaccinesSaveLives We truly can all get through this if we work together. If you haven’t already, please take the next step to protecting yourself and those around you by making an appointment or finding a walk-in clinic near you.

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