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#WeAllGrow Summit

Last night I attended the #WeAllGrow Summit welcome party where I got to see so many of my clients, friends, and followers in real life after so many years. 💛

It was so wonderful to get updates on all the amazing things they are working on, what they’ve manifested and the healing they’ve been doing.

I had a Dream Bigger Mastermind alumni share how impactful it was to be in the mastermind during a stressful time in her life. We helped her feel confident about the big life changes that were happening. She took risks that felt scary. And because of that, she is now thriving.

I ran into women who are in my membership The Collective. They were so appreciative of the community I have built and the friendships that have come from it.

I saw friends who immediately recognized and celebrated my growth this past year. To have other women of color cheer you on and support you is EVERYTHING.

I’m feeling so grateful, validated, seen, and loved. Thank you amigas!


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