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What Is Your Soul's Life Purpose?

Have you thought about what your soul’s purpose is?

What lights you up?

What opens your heart?

Knowing your soul’s purpose is the most important key to living a happy and fulfilling life. Without knowing your soul’s life purpose you might feel lost. You might even feel an emptiness, feel like you're going through the motions without a clear direction. And even after you accomplish a goal you might not feel satisfied and you’re immediately onto the next thing.

Last week I had an Instagram Live conversation with Ellen, who is an astrologer and one of our guest healers for this year’s Dream Bigger event.

Ellen share’s the importance of setting goals for yourself based on what’s your soul’s purpose. That’s a very different way of setting goals than from your analytical mind or what your family or society expects of you.

Every soul has a reason for being in this lifetime. And you have a unique gift to offer to the collective. Your personal work and journey is the quest to discover and remember why you came forth. The more you are authentically connected to your purpose, the closer you are living at your fullest potential.

Join Ellen of unitedother at Dream Bigger as she guides you through a series of soul discovery exercises. Afterall, life isn’t happening to you, life is happening for you and by you.

Sign up for Dream Bigger here ✨💛🔮

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