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"Ana helped me boost my confidence and move through fear as I worked to launch a small business. Ana's healing gifts reach right through the screen. I felt my energy moving and felt very connected as she would guide me through the meditation. We dug into some deep thoughts that years of therapy didn't even bring up. After working with Ana I feel more confident and ready to keep knocking down obstacles as they come. I am able to see how strong I truly am. I look forward to continuing this work with Ana."


"Working with Ana was the best decision I have made in my healing journey! The growth and transformations I experienced with her were above any I have ever made with other healers. Ana is amazing and a true gift. She has a calming, loving, contagious spirit and unbelievable intuition. Her beautiful energy guiding me through breathwork and personalized sessions, always left me feeling clear, determined, empowered and deeply connected. I'm so grateful for Ana, she came into my life when I courageously needed help moving forward. Not only did she help me get unstuck from being anxious, frozen with fear from trauma; she so wonderfully allowed me to see new freedoms are attainable through happiness, joy, peace, love, compassion, forgiveness and connection. If everyone could experience a session with Ana, the world would be a kinder, gentler place with more heart-centered connections." 



"My work with Ana Lilia helped me tap into the root of my anxieties. I felt safe to explore past trauma and find within myself a new awareness and strength. I was never great at meditating but the act of breath work really allowed me to focus and release. The curated playlists and email summaries act as a portal to the work you've done & remind you of the important messages you need to continue your healing. I highly recommend this program for anyone who is wanting to step into their power."


“I came to Ana to do the RESET program in hopes of gaining more control over my struggles with anxiety and depression. Ana took great care in holding space for all the emotions and insights that came to visit. Ana strikes a beautiful balance in holding space with her thoughtful  blend of coaching, breath work, accountability, and homegirl who gently challenges you to go to the end of comfort areas. I found each session to be valuable for my learning, growth, and release. I can't thank you enough Ana!”



"I was feeling stuck, frustrated with life and anxious with the unknown. While working with Ana I learned of limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I have learned to love, nourish and protect my inner child. And even in these hard times of COVID-19, I felt more at peace and calm than ever before. Taking care of myself, helps me show up better for my life and for my family. I learned how to surrender just a little bit more and to let go of perfectionism. Ana is warm and she truly sees you with love and compassion. She is a powerful intuitive healer. I highly recommend this program to anyone that is serious about doing some inner work."


"I moved through more in RESET than I did in years of therapy.  When I began the program, I'd hoped to find some simple tools to identify my day-to-day stressors; anything more felt impossible and unachievable. (I believe I said I thought all my other trauma was "unfixable"!)  This program absolutely exceeded my expectations from day one.  I unpacked decades-old trauma, disappointment, anxiety, and stressors in ways I frankly didn't think were possible. I'd previously just sort of accepted that this was the way I was -- high-strung and perpetually anxious!  With Ana's help, I discarded my old coping mechanisms (dancing around my stressors ,contorting myself, and dutifully pressing on) and adopted new breath-driven techniques to help me truly live in the present.  I'll sing her praises forever!"


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