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What is breathwork?

Breathwork is an active form of meditating that can help you reduce stress and anxiety and gain mental clarity.


Consciously breathing using a two-stage pranayama technique activates parasympathetic nervous system putting your body in a relaxed state.


Every time you practice breathwork you will have a different experience. Some people feel tingly sensations in their body. Stuck emotions release, leaving your body feeling lighter, relaxed and connected.


Breathwork helps to reduce stress, heal from grief, heal trauma, increase mental clarity and focus, improve sleep patterns, elevate your mood, help you feel relaxed.


Your breath is your hidden super power

Breathing is a natural function of the body most of us take for granted. We don't pay much attention to it or think about it too deeply.


But your breath is your hidden super power and controls more than you think.


"The breathwork is so effective (and simple!) for moving out stress and anxiety. Ana has a sweet, gentle spirit and it is evident she really cares about the well-being of others and wants everyone to be able to live their best lives. Highly recommended working with her!"

- Alma

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"Ana is a brilliant healer and meditation teacher/guide. I have been working with her in person and virtually for almost 5 years now and feel very grateful to have the experience. As a creative, tapping into my subconscious and healing anxieties are crucial to my practice and I always feel restored and energized to make after a session with Ana". 

- Tori

Breathing has a direct impact on how you think and feel.

When you engage in intentional breathing it...
  • Releases feel-good hormones and endorphins to improve your mood. 

  • Tells your mind you're okay so your body can relax and let go of stress and anxiety

  • Clears your head and allows you to establish a focused mindset.

  • Opens up energy channels and lessens physical pain and tension.

  • Gives you space to heal from grief and trauma. 

Even just five minutes of breathing can decrease physical and emotional stress.
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