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Welcome to the Breathe More podcast, a space for exploration and growth in body, mind, and spirit.


Join Ana Lilia, your host and guide in the world of healing and transformation. As a breathwork, life coach, and mindset expert, Ana has been helping people find their unique paths towards inner peace, self-confidence and abundance.


Breathe More isn’t just about breathwork, we'll be talking about all types of healing modalities, mindset exercises, and teach you practical tools that can help you tap into your highest potential. 


From meditation and energy work to conscious business practices and relationship insights. Each episode will offer solutions, stories, and inspiration that can help you enrich your life.


Through interviews with top experts in various fields, as well as everyday folx who have manifested their big dreams, we'll showcase the power of breath and other modalities to heal, enrich, and transform your life.


So whether you're looking for more peace, success, love, or health in your life, this podcast is for you. Let’s get ready to Breathe More.


EP 52: Healing Paternal Wounds with Carina

In this episode of Breathe More, Ana and guest, Carina, discuss the impact of paternal wounds, and the significance of healing ancestral wounds. Tune in for an expansive exploration of societal conditioning, the empowerment from understanding our behaviors, and the importance of self-trust and intuition in our healing journeys.

EP 51: Turning Passions into Profits: Mindset Shifts for Soulful Entrepreneurs

In today’s episode, Ana dives into the critical role mindset plays in achieving our goals. She shares her unique approach as a coach, combining her clairvoyant and intuitive abilities to help clients pinpoint and overcome mental and emotional blocks.

EP 50: From Assistant to Soulful Entrepreneur: Irma’s Career Transition in 3 months!

In today’s episode, Ana welcomes Irma Gonzalez, a long-time client and participant in several of Ana's programs. Irma shares her inspiring journey of transitioning from an executive assistant to becoming a Virtual Business Manager for soulful entrepreneurs.

EP 49: How To Overcome Fear And Achieve Your Goals

In this episode of the "Breathe More" podcast, we dive deep into the topic of fear and how it often stops us from taking action towards our goals. Fear is a natural emotion designed to protect us, but it can also keep us stuck in our comfort zones, preventing us from achieving our true potential. Join me as we explore practical steps to identify, understand, and reframe your fears, empowering you to take bold actions and create the life you desire.

EP 48: Lucy Rojek went from Burnout as a Massage Therapist to Financial Abundance in 3 months!

In this episode, we dive deep into the inspiring journey of Lucy Rojek, a holistic massage therapist who transformed her business and mindset through the Dream Bigger Mastermind. Learn how Lucy overcame her fears, embraced a new pricing strategy, and doubled her income. This episode is packed with valuable insights for any soulful entrepreneur looking to elevate their business and mindset. Don't miss out on Lucy's story of growth, empowerment, and success!

EP 47: Reframe Your Money Mindset: A Path to Abundance

In this episode of Breathe More, we dive deep into the topic of money mindset and its profound impact on our lives. Ana shares her insights on how reprogramming our money stories and limiting beliefs can lead to financial stability and abundance. Whether you're navigating a corporate career or growing your soulful entrepreneurial venture, this episode offers valuable reflections and practical advice to help you align your financial reality with your goals.

EP 46: My soul told me to change my career and I did!

Join Ana Lilia on an inspiring journey through her evolution as a soulful entrepreneur. From humble beginnings as a breathwork coach to navigating the tensions of a dual career, Ana shares pivotal moments and insights that shaped her path. Discover her mission to empower entrepreneurs through accessible mentorship.

EP 45: Reflections from My Healing Spring Retreat

In this episode, Ana Lilia shares her transformative experience hosting a healing Spring Retreat in Idyllwild, filled with healing exercises, breathwork, and playful moments. She also reflects on the emotions of moving into her new home and embracing change.

EP 44: Healing the Mother Wound with Michelle Gomez

In this episode of Breathe More, host Ana Lilia is joined by Michelle Gomez to delve into the often-overlooked topic of the mother wound. Tune in as we discuss our personal experiences, societal expectations, and healing journeys, offering insights for those navigating the complexities of maternal relationships and self-discovery.

EP 43: From Dreams to Reality: A Guide to Celebrating Your Achievements

In today’s episode, Ana Lilia shares profound insights into the art of celebrating small victories along the path to success. From manifesting dreams to overcoming challenges, Ana delves into inspiring stories from the Dream Bigger Mastermind community, highlighting the transformative power of acknowledging progress.

EP 42: How I Set Intentions and Trust the Process to Manifest My Dreams

In this episode of Breathe More, Ana shares her journey of setting intentions amidst challenges. From the stress of finding temporary homes to manifesting her dream home, Ana illustrates the power of trusting the process. Despite setbacks, she emphasizes the importance of taking action and holding onto your dream vision.

EP 41: How to Survive Mercury Retrograde with Edith Vasquez

In today’s episode, join me and special guest, Edith Vasquez from Earth Crystals con Amor, as we explore the energies of Mercury Retrograde and the solar eclipse. Discover how these celestial events can guide your journey towards transformation and growth. Plus, learn about our upcoming Spring Retreat in Idyllwild, CA!

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