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Welcome to the Breathe More podcast, a space for exploration and growth in body, mind, and spirit.


Join Ana Lilia, your host and guide in the world of healing and transformation. As a breathwork, life coach, and mindset expert, Ana has been helping people find their unique paths towards inner peace, self-confidence and abundance.


Breathe More isn’t just about breathwork, we'll be talking about all types of healing modalities, mindset exercises, and teach you practical tools that can help you tap into your highest potential. 


From meditation and energy work to conscious business practices and relationship insights. Each episode will offer solutions, stories, and inspiration that can help you enrich your life.


Through interviews with top experts in various fields, as well as everyday folx who have manifested their big dreams, we'll showcase the power of breath and other modalities to heal, enrich, and transform your life.


So whether you're looking for more peace, success, love, or health in your life, this podcast is for you. Let’s get ready to Breathe More.


EP 34: From Educator to Healer with Guest Saskia

Join host, Ana Lilia, and special guest, Saskia, in today’s episode for a transformative journey of forgiveness and self-discovery in the latest episode. Saskia shares her inspiring transition from educator to spiritual healer, delving into the profound healing power of forgiveness. Tune in to learn how forgiveness creates space for joy, abundance, and inner peace.

EP 33: Sam’s Manifestations: Dream house, new career and a baby

In this episode, Dream Bigger Mastermind alumni, Sam, shares her inspiring journey of healing and growth. From struggling entrepreneur to confident creator, Sam shares her insights on overcoming adversity, cultivating self-compassion, and manifesting dreams with grace. Tune in for a dose of inspiration and practical wisdom to navigate life's transitions with resilience and authenticity.

EP 32: Your Money Story Is Holding You Back

In this episode of Breathe More, Ana gives you an inside look at the Mastermind Manifesting Calls she’s having with folx. From identifying money blocks to helping them realize it’s their inner child who’s been feeling afraid of the changes to sharing money miracles, her current Mastermind clients are manifesting. Discover how to embrace abundance, rewrite your money narrative, and prioritize self-care. Tune in and get ready to start dreaming bigger!

EP 31: Finding Courage at 55: Sue's Story of Healing and Dreaming Bigger

In this episode of Breathe More, host, Ana Lilia, is joined by a Dream Bigger Mastermind client, Sue. Tune in as Sue shares her inspiring journey going from a traumatic childhood to healing her inner teenage self through vulnerability, stepping outside her comfort zone and finding her voice. We explore the profound impact of embracing creativity and self-expression in the healing process. Join us as we celebrate Sue's courage and resilience, and get ready for an episode filled with inspiration and empowerment!

EP 30: Stop Manifesting Your Fears

In today’s episode, Ana shares practical tips to shift from manifesting fears to manifesting your biggest desires. Tune in to learn how to harness the power of your thoughts, reframe limiting beliefs, and take inspired action toward the life you truly want.

EP 29: Healing Past Financial Wounds: Cyndi's Story of Forgiveness and Abundance

In this episode of Breathe More, host Ana Lilia welcomes Cyndi Melendez, an actress and member of Dream Bigger Mastermind. Cindy shares her inspiring journey of self-discovery and together, they explore Cyndi's goals, challenges, and breakthroughs, offering insights into healing and manifestation. Tune in for an empowering conversation on the importance of accountability and community support.

EP 28: Who's Running Your Life?

In this episode, Ana explores the pivotal question, "Who is running your life?" Drawing insights from client experiences, she guides listeners on reclaiming control, self-healing, and transforming relationships. Tune into this episode to dive into self-discovery and join the Dream Bigger Mastermind waitlist for a deeper transformative journey.

EP 27: Create Your Best Life with Dream Bigger Mastermind

In this episode, Ana shares the magic of her signature program, Dream Bigger Mastermind, and how the program supports clients. Explore healing, belief shifts, and accelerated manifestation with a supportive community. Listen in to start dreaming bigger and making positive, lasting changes!

EP 26: Beyond Mistakes: Finding Healing through Self-Forgiveness

In this episode of Breathe More Podcast, host Ana Lilia discusses the importance of self-forgiveness and shares her personal experiences. She explores the negative impacts of not forgiving oneself and offers guidance on connecting with and forgiving the younger self. Ana also highlights the benefits of self-forgiveness and invites listeners to reflect on their own self-criticism.

EP 25: Self-Trust: The Key to Manifesting Miracles

In this episode, Ana explores the transformative power of self-belief. She shares practical insights, and a guided exercise to help you strengthen your trust in yourself. Listen in and be inspired to embrace your inner warrior, overcome doubt, and manifest your most authentic, abundant life.

EP 24: How to Attract More of What You Desire

In this episode of Breathe More, Ana guides you to start to reflect on what abundance means to you. She also invites you to join the free 7-day Manifest Abundance Challenge. The challenge guides you through setting intentions, gratitude practices, shadow work, affirmations, visualization, breathwork, and vision boarding.

EP 23: Closing Chapters for a Fresh Start in 2024

In this episode, Ana dives into the transformative power of letting go, embracing change, and making room for fresh starts in the New Year. Join her journey of self-discovery, uncover the importance of closing chapters, and explore ways to encourage personal growth through closure.

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