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Imagine yourself six months from now having your new business and working with clients and positively impacting their lives. Imagine having a new source of revenue to help pay for the increasing cost of living. Would the “risk” of joining The Mentorship be worth having this new reality in your life? Six amazing souls agreed it was worth it. And they are ready to go on this journey with you too. The Mentorship is a proven framework that has helped my clients let go of fear, discover what’s blocking their business growth, create consistent results, and ENJOY their work while making money. We are starting tomorrow June 1. Say yes to your life and future clients! Let’s do it! Apply here.

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Several things can happen when we are about to make a big decision or try something new.

We can get excited and leap without thinking things through.

Or the amygdala in our brain can trigger a fear response that stops us from taking action and gives us many reasons why we shouldn't do it.

Swipe to see if your brain is telling these things about The Mentorship.

I want to know what other things your brain is telling you that are creating fear, hesitation, and doubt. Send me your concerns.

You deserve to make your dreams a priority. Let's build your business and share your gifts with your community.

I believe in your success and want to help you believe in yourself too.

You can apply to join The Mentorship here or contact me to get the application. We start in 3 days! 🎉🙌🏼✨

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I got my breathwork certification in 2015. However, I didn't even consider what I was doing as a business until 2019 (because healers and coaches aren't biz owners, right? WRONG). While my clients were getting tremendous results and manifesting like crazy, I felt like I was drowning. Although I had been a freelancer for the last 11 years, I didn't know what it took to be an entrepreneur. And financially, I was barely making ends meet.

In 2018 I set my first goal. I wanted to make just $500 a week. That felt doable. That year I made $24,000. That gave my brain enough evidence to believe I could make this sustainable if I kept going.

Next, 2019 was the year I realized I needed to learn how to think as an entrepreneur. That meant investing in courses, coaches, and mentors and constantly consuming information. It was the first year I created a coaching offer. That year I made $64,000.

Then the pandemic happened. While most of my colleagues and the studios I was teaching out of shut down their businesses, I already had a strong foundation in my business that allowed me to pivot and more than triple my income.

Each year after that, I continued to set goals, treat my practice as a business, and work on my mindset, which has resulted in continuous growth.

Had I not set an intention and invested in my business and personal development, I would still be working jobs I hated. I would still be struggling financially and doing things that aren't aligned with my soul's purpose.

In The Mentorship, you will have a clear framework you will follow. A step by step process to give you clarity and confidence, and my goal is to have you book some clients by the end of our three months together.

Although this is a group program, I will give you advice and suggestions customized to reflect your gifts and your type of business. Office hours (where you can ask any questions) and a private session are included in The Mentorship.

Let's create an additional source of income for you and your family. And the bonus is you're doing something that lights you up and is aligned with your values and purpose.

I'm so excited to be your mentor! Contact me to apply for The Mentorship. ✨

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