Hooray, it’s the weekend! 🥳

Let’s take a moment to look back and celebrate some of the good things that happened this week. Honestly, I had a rough week. I’ve been so triggered lately and have been an emotional mess. Luckily with all of my awareness, tools, and training, I’ve been doing different things to regulate my nervous system. (More on that later) However, I do celebrate my amazing friends who have been holding space for me this week. I celebrate that the Universe gave me the space I needed in my schedule to process my emotions. I celebrate that I have some exciting collaborations coming up. I celebrate that I was interviewed for the podcast Pieces of a Woman. I celebrate that I am alive to experience this wild world we live in. What are you celebrating this week? Btw, if you haven’t already downloaded my free Summer of Self Love challenge, make sure you go to the bio link to sign up. Celebrating yourself is one of the exercises we do in the challenge. ✨❤️

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My intention for today is to slow down.

Things have been so busy that I haven’t had a day off in the last two weeks. My body and mind are tired.

Why is it important to slow down?

🔸Slowing down can help you make better decisions,

🔸Have deeper connections,

🔸Live a more intentional life,

🔸Increase the quality of your experiences

🔸Support your well-being and prevent you from burning out.

How am I doing that?

I spent a lazy morning in bed. Didn’t get up until 11 am!

Going to the beach to read.

Listening to how my body wants to rest and doing it.

What do you tend to do when you’re slowing down? Share in the comments. 🧡

Happy new moon in Leo. This new moon is bringing in some good fortune and positive vibes. It’s time to set some intentions and be ready to receive the flow of abundance. Want to join a moon circle? Tonight we are hosting our New Moon Circle in The Collective. This is one of our monthly gatherings where we set intentions, practice rituals and manifest our wildest dreams. Learn more here. 🌙

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