Get aligned and manifest your big dreams through three months of weekly group coaching with an intimate group of heart-centered individuals. Be a part of an encouraging community that can help you get unstuck, become aligned with your goals and give you the accountability needed to take action.

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Introducing Mastermind...

For 3 months, you'll be a part of a weekly gathering to help you get unstuck, get you aligned with your desires and take massive steps towards your goals.

  • Mastermind is a 12-week group coaching program that includes weekly calls with an amazingly talented community

  • Get clear about your goals and what next steps you should take.

  • Each week you will get homework to get you closer to your goals

  • Plus, each month you will also get the chance to work with Ana 1-1 to reprogram old beliefs

  • It's an intimate group with only 6 people maximum 


You will be creating new habits and reprogramming old beliefs that are keeping you stuck. You will start to feel confident and trust yourself more. You will start to dream bigger and manifest your goals!

About Mastermind

We all have big dreams...

But maybe the current circumstances have made it hard to work towards your dreams.

Have you been saying to yourself:

  • "Now is not the time."

  • "I’m not ready."

  • "Maybe I’m not supposed to do this."

  • "I’m not good enough."

  • "I don’t know how to do it."

Do you find yourself:

  • Procrastinating?

  • Feeling afraid to make mistakes?

  • Feeling afraid to move forward?

  • Not asking for help and support?

  • Second-guessing yourself?

  • Prioritizing comfort, instead of taking some risks?


This is for you if...

  • You are ready to manifest your big dreams 

  • You are ready to unlock new levels of empowerment and energy  to meet your goals

  • You want to boost your self-esteem, self-power and self-worth

  • You are seeking joy, expansive freedom, and transformation

  • You are ready to add more balance and peace to your life

  • You are ready to break free from limiting beliefs and heal from past trauma 

  • You are ready to live a more abundant life

  • You want to become more calm and balanced while nurturing authentic self-love

  • You want new beliefs to support you to live an authentic life

  • You long to move forward on your spiritual journey in a supportive, sacred healing space

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Justine Medrano

"Through Mastermind, not only was I able to work toward and achieve my goals in a short period of time, but I also had a soul check and was able to reprogram unhelpful thinking patterns that had been holding me back. The best part of Mastermind was the intimate community we built together. I felt I was being poured into, encouraged, and celebrated through the process, and it was amazing and inspiring to see what others were doing. We all thrived together. Ana has a true gift! With her passion and guidance, we discovered what lies within us and uncovered what we truly are capable of. Don't miss out, dive in!"


Ali McNeill

"Beginning Mastermind with Ana was, hands down, one of the best personal investments I have made in all my adult life. With Ana’s guidance, each session built on rediscovering passions, dreams, and talents - all while unlocking the inner confidence that I especially needed. It is because of Ana’s Mastermind program that I have done more with my music in the last 5 months than in the last decade. You will not be disappointed - in both Mastermind and in what your great potential is."


Susan Knapp

"One of the best things in 2020 for me was attending Mastermind. Ana’s support and insight are invaluable along with the motivation and the accountability to work towards my goals. The other best parts are the breathwork (to let go of stuck energy) and the group support. I am so blessed to have this support in my journey. It is taking me to bigger and better things."