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Dream Bigger

The mastermind that aligns your mindset to your big dreams to manifest with ease. 

I have seen the power and magnitude of this work firsthand and with clients, time and time again. 

“The Dream Bigger Mastermind with Ana was hands down one of the best personal investments I have made in all my adulting life. With Ana’s guidance, each session was built on rediscovering passions, dreams, and talents. All while unlocking the inner confidence that I especially needed. It is because of Ana’s Mastermind program that I have done more with my music in the last 5 months than in the last decade. You will not be disappointed - in both Mastermind and in what your great potential is.” - Ali McNeill

Get aligned and manifest your big dreams through six months of group coaching with an intimate group of heart-centered individuals. Be a part of an encouraging community that can help you get unstuck, become aligned with your goals, and give you the accountability needed to take action.

Introducing the Dream Bigger Mastermind, your ticket to making your dreams a reality! 

Are you tired of setting intentions only to see them fall flat?

Feeling lost and unsure about how to move forward?


Maybe you're even losing hope.


Well, I'm here to tell you that your search for a solution is over!


Introducing the Dream Bigger Mastermind, a powerful group coaching program designed to help you master your energy and reprogram your beliefs, so that you can manifest with ease. We understand your journey and we're committed to guiding you towards tapping into your true potential and creating the life you've always dreamed of.


Over a period of 6 months, you'll embark on a transformative journey where we'll help you break through the blocks and limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stagnant and preventing you from reaching your goals. Our program combines various healing modalities, life coaching, and practical mindset exercises to create a holistic approach to your personal growth.


But that's not all - you'll also become part of a safe and supportive intimate group. This incredible community will help you stay accountable, hold space for you, and create meaningful friendships along the way. So not only will you be transforming your life, but you'll also be forging deep connections with like-minded individuals.


Don't miss out on this life-changing opportunity! It's time to step into the future you deserve. Say goodbye to unfulfilled intentions and embrace a new path towards manifesting the life of your dreams. Join the Dream Bigger Mastermind and start living your best life today!

I know you have a dream life waiting for you to access it. And I want to show you how… 


If you have felt like you are just spinning your wheels, feeling like you’re not making any progress, or just lost on how to get to that next level - this is for you. 

Your comfort zone might be talking to you right now saying: 

  • "Now is not the time."

  • "I’m not ready."

  • "Maybe I’m not supposed to do this."

  • "I’m not good enough."

  • "I don’t know how to do it."


Do you find yourself:

  • Procrastinating?

  • Feeling afraid to make mistakes?

  • Feeling afraid to move forward?

  • Not asking for help and support?

  • Second-guessing yourself?

  • Prioritizing comfort, instead of taking some risks?


I want you to take a minute to feel into what you know is possible, that little voice that led you here and asks…why not me? 


Pssst…because it is available to you and almost every client I have helped has started right where you are. Full of doubt, maybe a little scared, but with a guiding voice asking them to trust and lean into possibility

Are you ready for massive action and life-changing potential?

“The Dream Bigger Mastermind helped me tackle some of the areas I tend to avoid while I'm trying to grow my business. I dove in and worked on my business and personal finances, launched a new product, and worked on different ways to connect and communicate with my audience. I felt held accountable for my actions each week and supported by Ana and a great group of women. It was a great place to share resources and have a space to speak freely.” - Sam Escarcha


Step into the Dream Bigger Mastermind

For 6 months, you'll be a part of a life-changing group to help you get unstuck, get you aligned with your desires and take massive steps towards your goals.
  • Mastermind is a 6-month group coaching program that includes three 90-minute group calls each month with an amazingly inspirational community who are all on the path to creating their best lives.

  • You will be guided on how to get clear on your goals and the next steps you can take to make your biggest dreams a reality.

  • Each week, you will receive personalized coaching and exercises to help you stay on track and manifest your goals and intentions

  • You will have me personally in your corner, creating a custom plan to help you shift energy and beliefs to be your most abundant self!

  • You will be one of ten people in this group, so you can expect deep personalized support and the beauty of community.

  • You will be creating new habits and reprogramming old beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

  • You will start to feel confident and trust yourself more.


  • You will start to dream bigger and manifest your goals!



"The Dream Bigger Mastermind has helped me to shed some of the toughest layers that I could not have done alone. I've done a fair bit of healing on my own but I craved support and community. I was timid and guarded. I felt like there was a barrier between who I really am/want to become and how I was living. It was a huge investment for me to join, but ultimately I decided I'm worthy to spend on my well-being! Ana created a safe and non-judgmental space for me to feel seen and heard. The weekly check-ins not only helped me to stay accountable to my goals, but also the support I received from the other amazing souls in the Mastermind group was priceless. I went from feeling massive anxiety and fear to speak in a group to now hosting wellness group events and workshops on a consistent basis. I'm so grateful for the support and love that continues well after the program ended. Highly recommend it to those who are ready to take charge of their happiness!"



"I’ve done the program twice now. There were so many manifestations, but what I loved most about the program was the support systems built in. It was a safe space for us all to share what was going on, our dreams, our fears, and failures - without feeling judged. Everyone was on a different journey, and everyone was genuinely supportive of one another. I say this all the time, Ana is pure magic. The best part about working with her is that you feel like you’ve always known her. She’s a friend, a mentor, gives you the tough nudge when you need it, and warm supportive words too. Combining all of this with healing practices of breathwork and meditation made this program so holistic. Some of my biggest results were believing in myself enough to go after my dreams. I felt like I got my voice back and gained some much confidence. I got so much out of this program, personally, professionally, spiritually, and emotionally. There aren’t many programs that integrate all aspects and I think this is what makes Ana’s Dream Bigger Mastermind so powerful and meaningful."



"I have participated in Mastermind twice in the last 2 years. The word I would ascribe to the journey is EMPOWERMENT. Being in a safe container with like-minded women, confronting all sorts of difficult life experiences, traumas, and fears has given me strength, confidence, and permission to feel and to be seen, heard, and supported in a way I’ve never felt before. Deriving my strength from a group of people who I knew were always on my side and there to support me no matter what has allowed me to lean into my healing journey more deeply and to have faith and hope that even when things don’t “feel” like they are going my way, that it's ok or that I will be ok. I can’t recommend Mastermind enough to anyone who feels confused, lost, alone, or just needs an ear and isn’t sure where to start. Ana Lilia’s creating a safe space through this group has undoubtedly changed my life."

This is for you if...

  • You are ready to manifest your big dreams 

  • You are ready to unlock new levels of empowerment and energy  to meet your goals

  • You want to boost your self-esteem, self-power and self-worth

  • You are seeking joy, expansive freedom, and transformation

  • You are ready to add more balance and peace to your life

  • You are ready to break free from limiting beliefs and heal from past trauma 

  • You are ready to live a more abundant life

  • You want to become more calm and balanced while nurturing authentic self-love

  • You want new beliefs to support you to live an authentic life

  • You long to move forward on your spiritual journey in a supportive, sacred healing space

Are you ready to say YES to your dreams? 

Apply now for our next Mastermind group,

starting in October 2023.



"Through Dream Bigger Mastermind, not only was I able to work toward and achieve my goals in a short period of time, but I also had a soul check and was able to reprogram unhelpful thinking patterns that had been holding me back. The best part of Mastermind was the intimate community we built together. I felt I was being poured into, encouraged, and celebrated through the process, and it was amazing and inspiring to see what others were doing. We all thrived together. Ana has a true gift! With her passion and guidance, we discovered what lies within us and uncovered what we truly are capable of. Don't miss out, dive in!"



"Dream Bigger Mastermind exceeded my expectations! I participated in Dream Bigger Mastermind to create a Fitness Retreat...however, something even better came from Dream Bigger Mastermind - a new business!!!! Breathwork, group feedback, and incredible guidance led by Ana sparked my drive to create a virtual personal training business. Not only did a business initiate from Dream Bigger Mastermind but Ana provided me with the needed tools to feel confident on this journey and showed her support daily. I am grateful for this group and Ana's leadership for my personal growth in dreaming bigger."



"One of the best things I've done for myself was signing up for Dream Bigger Mastermind. Ana’s support and insight are invaluable along with the motivation and the accountability to work towards my goals. The other best parts are the breathwork (to let go of stuck energy) and the group support. I am so blessed to have this support in my journey. It is taking me to bigger and better things."


What’s included:


  • Three 90-minute group calls each month for 6 months (18 in total)

  • Two 1:1 Breakthrough Sessions with me. I can’t tell you the massive shifts clients have in this space - it’s wild.

  • Voxer support in between our calls, so you’ll always have support when you need it.

  • A supportive community ready to see you succeed

  • Bonus: Free access to The Collective for one year (this includes meditations, masterclasses, moon circles, breathwork classes, and space holding to help you integrate)

Investment for your dreams: $460/12 months


or $5500 paid in full

Apply now to join Dream Bigger Mastermind!

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