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Dream Bigger Mastermind

It's time to dissolve your limiting beliefs, boost your confidence, and take action toward your biggest dreams!

I have seen the power and magnitude of this work firsthand and with clients, time and time again. 

“The Dream Bigger Mastermind with Ana was hands down one of the best personal investments I have made in all my adulting life. With Ana’s guidance, each session was built on rediscovering passions, dreams, and talents. All while unlocking the inner confidence that I especially needed. It is because of Ana’s Mastermind program that I have done more with my music in the last 5 months than in the last decade. You will not be disappointed - in both Mastermind and in what your great potential is.” - Ali McNeill

Congratulations on wanting more from your life and recognizing that you've outgrown some aspects of your life and you're ready for positive change!

If you're here, you're ready to:

Manifest your soul's dreams.

Stop letting fear hold you back and break the cycle of self-sabotage.

Make changes to find happiness and do more things that you love.

Be in a supportive community that lifts you up, inspires you, and reminds you of your greatness.

It's time to step into the

Dream Bigger Mastermind. 

Join the waitlist today and be the first to know when doors open in August 2024 for the next transformational Mastermind round.

Hi, I'm Ana Lilia, your manifestation coach:


As a daughter of immigrants, I understand the complexities of navigating life's uncertainties with limited guidance and resources and overcoming countless obstacles. Growing up, dreaming bigger was not encouraged. In fact, I was told to live a "safe" and traditional life without daring to envision something greater. Along the way, I faced financial hardships and battled mental health challenges. I found myself drowning in over $40k of credit card debt, plagued by chronic anxiety and depression. It was a difficult journey.


However, deep within me, my soul refused to surrender. It urged me to keep pursuing my dreams, no matter how daunting or lost I felt. It was during this pivotal time that I discovered the power manifestation. And I created my Dream Bigger Manifestation Blueprint that became the catalyst for transforming my life. 


Today, I have built a thriving business that generates a multiple six-figure income annually. Financial freedom is no longer a distant dream; it is my reality. And now, I have the privilege of fulfilling my soul's purpose by helping others heal and manifest their own dreams.

I specialize in regulating your nervous system to manifest desires with ease. Drawing on various healing modalities, including breathwork, and utilizing my clairvoyant gifts, I align your unconscious beliefs with your heart's desires.



My work involves:

✨ Healing past traumas

✨ Reprogramming limiting beliefs

✨ Creating a deep sense of safety and worthiness

✨ Creating a roadmap to welcome and receive your desires


Through my journey, I have learned the invaluable art of resilience and the transformative nature of dreaming bigger. I am living proof that no obstacle is insurmountable and that the power to manifest a life beyond one's wildest dreams lies within each of us. Together, we can overcome any challenge and cultivate a future defined by abundance and fulfillment. 


You will not leave the same person at the end of our six months together! 80% of Mastermind participants sign up more than once because they manifested so much in the first round that they want to continue the momentum and continue to uplevel their lives.

Ada Nei.png

The Dream Bigger Mastermind has helped me shed some of the toughest layers I could not have done alone. I've done a fair bit of healing on my own, but I craved support and community. I was timid and guarded. A barrier existed between who I was and how I was living and who I wanted to become. Mastermind was a huge investment for me to join, but ultimately, I decided I was worthy to spend on my well-being! Ana created a safe and non-judgmental space for me to feel seen and heard. The weekly check-ins helped me to stay accountable to my goals, and the support I received from the other amazing souls in the Mastermind group was priceless. I went from feeling massive anxiety and fear to speak in a group to now hosting wellness group events and workshops consistently. I'm so grateful for the love and support that continues well after the program ended. I highly recommend it to those ready to take charge of their happiness!

- Ada Nei

In my eight years of helping people manifest their goals, I have helped people like you who are ready for change and transformation but have yet to achieve it on their own.


My clients are:


The single mom who's struggling with everything: finances, mental health, physical health, time management, their kids, and a terrible boss.


The 30-year-old who's overwhelmed by all the decisions adulting brings forth; her mind is full of self-doubt and imposter syndrome, she can't find a romantic partner, and she has a lot of debt.


The woman who, on paper, has the "perfect life," but inside, she's struggling with burnout and health issues and is feeling lost and unhappy.


The 50-year-old, telling herself it's too late, has sacrificed so much of herself and doesn't see the point of starting now.


What do they all have in common?


They decided they didn't want their current reality to be their future. And to change things, they invested in themselves, their growth, and their dreams, and finally created the life they desired and deserved. They have manifested the "impossible". 




"Through the Dream Bigger Mastermind, not only was I able to work toward and achieve my goals in a short period of time, but I also had a soul check and was able to reprogram unhelpful thinking patterns that had been holding me back. The best part of Mastermind was the community we built together. I felt I was being poured into, encouraged, and celebrated through the process, and it was amazing and inspiring to see what others were doing. We all thrived together. Ana has a true gift! With her passion and guidance, we discovered what lies within us and uncovered what we truly are capable of. Don't miss out, dive in!"



"The Dream Bigger Mastermind exceeded my expectations! I participated in Dream Bigger Mastermind to create a Fitness Retreat. However, something even better came from Dream Bigger Mastermind - a new business!!!! Breathwork, group feedback, and incredible guidance led by Ana sparked my drive to create a virtual personal training business. Not only did a business initiate from Dream Bigger Mastermind but Ana provided me with the needed tools to feel confident on this journey and showed her support daily. I am grateful for this group and Ana's leadership for my personal growth in dreaming bigger."



"Dream Bigger Mastermind and Ana’s support and insight are invaluable along with the motivation and the accountability to work towards my goals. The other best parts are the mindset exercises (to let go of stuck energy) and the group support. I am so blessed to have this support in my journey. It is taking me to bigger and better things."

You'll leave Mastermind with:

Mastermind before after graphic (1).png

My Dream Bigger Mastermind has a proven process that has helped hundreds of individuals manifest their desires and transform their lives. In just six months, you'll learn how to regulate your nervous system, reprogram limiting beliefs, and accelerate your manifestations.

Dream Bigger Mastermind Blueprint:

Month 1-2: Regulate your nervous system

We'll dive into deep healing, uncovering fears, triggers, blocks, and limiting beliefs that have held you back from feeling empowered and free.

Month 3-4: Reprogram

You will create new habits and beliefs to align you with your goals to feel more confident and deserving of your desires.


Month 5-6: Manifesting

Accelerate your manifestations in the final two months. We'll create action plans, refine your mindset, and practice receiving your desires with a deep sense of worthiness.



"The Dream Bigger Mastermind helped me tackle some of the areas I tend to avoid while I'm trying to grow my business. I dove in and worked on my business and personal finances, launched a new product, and worked on different ways to connect and communicate with my audience. I felt held accountable for my actions each week and supported by Ana and a great group of women. It was a great place to share resources and have a space to speak freely."



"Dream Bigger Mastermind has me feeling confident and frankly, very alive. My intuition is shining brighter. Dream Bigger Mastermind has made me feel like I’m in control of my procrastination. Every week, I was given tasks to do and I feel very on top of my game. It has allowed me to continue towards my path and not fall back into my dark cycles."



"I finally found a group that will hold me accountable to accomplish my goals. I am making it happen and my energy has definitely been lifted up! I found a group of women who are supportive and Ana is so supportive on our journey! Best feeling! I am grateful for being in this beautiful Mastermind!"

Your Future Selfis counting onthe choices youmake today!

Here's What You Get:


🌟 Weekly calls for six months (Recordings available)

🌟 Learn and apply my Dream Bigger Manifesting Blueprint to manifest with confidence and turn dreams into reality.

🌟 Personalized coaching and exercises to keep you on track and manifest your goals.

🌟 Slack support between calls, providing continuous guidance and support when you need it most.

🌟 A supportive community rooting for your success, offering resources, and fostering collaboration.

🌟 Bonus: Chance to attend a Virtual Manifestation Retreat 

🌟 Bonus: Free access to my membership, The Collective, for one year, including meditations, masterclasses, moon circles, breathwork classes, and integration support. (Value: $528)

Let the Dream Bigger Mastermind guide you towards your own expansive transformation.

Here's what people have manifested:

  • New homes

  • Multiple six-figure job offers

  • Loving Relationships

  • Promotions

  • New streams of income

  • Getting pregnant

  • New businesses

  • Confidence

  • More money

  • Inner Peace

  • Happiness

  • Work/life balance

Don't let your dreams stay dreams. It's time to manifest them into reality. 


Join the waitlist for Dream Bigger Mastermind and be the first to know when doors open in August 2024 for the next transformational round.


Join the waitlist today!

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