Breathwork Programs

Unlock the power of your breath.

Whether you are new to breathwork and want to try it for the first time or you are looking to deepen your practice, there's a breathwork program for you.


To make breathwork accessible to everyone, I have a variety of programs from private sessions and group events to self-guided and guided programs. 




Sometimes we need to hit the "reset" button in our lives. If you are ready to get unstuck, take control over your life, gain clarity and feel confident and empowered to live the life you desire, this 3 month personalized coaching program is for you!


Many experience anxiety that leaves them feeling overwhelmed, tense and struggling to stay present.

Breathwork for Anxiety will help you overcome anxiety symptoms and achieve calm in 7 days. The self-guided program includes short breathing meditations and journaling prompts for you to feel calm and in control of your life! 


Life can get overwhelming and demanding. There are times you'll need help getting centered. Book a single private breathwork session to feel grounded, calm and relaxed. The combination of active breathing, plus my clairvoyant guidance will validate your feelings. End your 75-minute healing session feeling renewed. 



Ready for a luxurious, wellness experience in the heart of Napa? This 1 day healing experience will have you feeling rejuvenated, confident and clear about the direction of your life. This is your invitation to make yourself a priority.



If you are ready to get aligned with your desires, experience deep lasting healing and expand your capacity to receive and feel worthy of the things you want... it's time to join The Collective!


The Collective is a membership for individuals who are committed to stepping into their power and living as their highest, fully-realized selves.



Experience the magic of breathwork in a group setting. Attend a monthly moon circle, retreat, manifestation workshop, or other group breathwork event. 

Join our virtual breathwork class Community Gathering, to breathe, release, and relax


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