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Slay Your Inner Critic and Claim Your Dream Life with Radiate: a 6-week program to unleash your confidence.


Are you tired of feeling constantly held back by your inner critic? Do you yearn for the life you know you deserve?


Radiate is here to help you break free from limiting beliefs and take the first step toward creating a life you love. ​


Radiate is a 1-on-1 expansive program designed to support you in taking the first step towards a more confident and abundant life.


It's possible to change your life in just 6 weeks.


Your journey to more confidence starts here. Book your clarity call today.

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Meet Jennifer:

When we started working together, she was burnt out from her high-demanding corporate job; she was unhappy, doubted herself, and was easily triggered by life. While working together, we found her inner child needed a lot of love and safety, so we did some reparenting. We worked on her mindset and provided evidence for her brain to believe she does have what it takes to manifest her big goals, and shortly after, she got her dream job. She is now calmer and no longer easily triggered; she remains in her power and looks forward to continuing to manifest her abundant life.


Stop feeling trapped in a life that doesn't fulfill you. Be like Jennifer and take action to embody the confident, unstoppable version of yourself.


For how long have you been telling yourself you're going to ask for the promotion, start dating, take your dream vacation, take better care of your body and mind, or bring more joy into your life…but stories (aka excuses, lack of confidence, past traumas) keep putting them at the end of your priority list. 


I get it; it can be scary to take action, especially when life feels overwhelming. I have seen my clients in a frozen state, lost, and worried before we started working together. 


That's why I invite you to take the first step to change your life.


Radiate is a custom-designed one-on-one intensive program that empowers you with essential skills to transform your life. With my guidance and personalized support, you'll learn how to take control of your life and manifest the future you desire in just 6 weeks.


Radiate uses a holistic approach combining healing modalities, life coaching, mindset exercises, and intuitive guidance.


During your one-on-one sessions, I will help you discover the root cause of your limiting beliefs and rewire your thoughts and behaviors to overcome them.

Here's what you can expect each week:

Week 1-2: Identify Your Blocks and Limiting Beliefs

We will use the first two weeks to identify your blocks. Do you say things like:


  • Money-limiting beliefs: "I'm not good with money. I'm always going to be in debt. It's so hard to make money. I hate talking about money."

  • Career limiting beliefs: "I'm not qualified to do that. It's too late to start. It's so easy for everyone else. I'm too old to start over. I don't have experience in that."

  • Relationship limiting beliefs: "It's so difficult to find a partner. There must be something wrong with me. I'm not meant to be in a relationship."

  • Self-limiting beliefs: "That's just who I am. I can't change. I can't do it because I'm not good enough. Who am I to do that?"


Not only will we work on rewriting these limiting beliefs, but with my clairvoyant gift, I can quickly help you get to this belief's origin.


Week 3: Align Your Mindset

You will use mindset tools, breathwork exercises, personalized visualization journeys (such as reparenting inner child), affirmations, meditations, and gratitude to align your mindset with your current goals.


Week 4-5: Create New Habits

The goal is not to overwhelm you but to identify your strengths and unique qualities to help you reach your goals. You will get accountability as we will set reminders and track progress. We will build your brain's evidence bank so that you start to believe and trust you can accomplish your goals. 


Week 6: Roadmap to Manifesting Your Desires

By the end of your 6th session, you will know what steps to take to continue your momentum and continue creating the confidence to believe in yourself and know that all you have to do is remain consistent.


After 6 weeks of working together you will walk away with the following:

  • A new empowering belief system to help you build confidence and transform your life. 

  • Mindset tools to quiet the fear when it comes up. 

  • An action plan on what next steps to take to reach your goals. 

  • More self-love, compassion, and determination

  • Mindfulness practices to remain in your power

  • More self-awareness to stay in the present moment

  • Increased confidence 

  • A regained sense of hope and excitement for life


Meet Sara:

When Sara started working with me, she was unhappy at her tech job and wanted to find the courage to leave her 9-5 and manifest her long-time dream of writing a book.


After helping her identify her limiting beliefs and creating new ones that support where she wants to go in life, Sara quit her job and leaned into trusting that she's meant for more.


Shortly after taking this brave action, Sara published her first book, Love Letters to the Universe. She also manifested getting married and is currently working on becoming a health coach. Hooray!


Radiate offers deep support to rewrite your limiting beliefs and create meaningful change in just 6 weeks

You will get:

  • Six 1-1 sessions, each Zoom session is 75 minutes long. 

  • Additional support via Voxer or text so you’ll always have support when you need it.

  • Free access to The Collective during your time in the program (includes meditations, mindfulness exercises, a library of masterclasses about healing modalities, and a community that's also looking to uplevel their life.)​ 



Hi, I’m Ana Lilia, Manifestation + Minset Coach, and Intuitive Healer based in Los Angeles. For the last nine years, I have helped my clients manifest their biggest dreams by reprogramming limiting beliefs and aligning them with their goals.


I've helped countless people like you achieve goals they thought were impossible. Now it's your turn. You deserve to invest in yourself and your goals.


My work has been featured on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, BravoTV, Los Angeles Times, and Harper's Bazaar, among other publications, and I can’t wait to be your coach.



The exchange for 6 weeks of coaching is one payment of $2400 or 3 payments of $800.



I know you have limited time and resources, which is why I've designed this program to help you achieve transformational growth in a short amount of time. In just six weeks, you'll gain a newfound sense of self-confidence and clarity that will serve you well for years to come. 

Take the first step towards a more confident and abundant life.


Sign up for Radiate today and start your journey towards a more confident and abundant life in just 6 weeks.


Limited spots are available - book your clarity call today!

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