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Must Reads: How millennials replaced religion with astrology and crystals


"I love myself.

I am beautiful. 

It was an unseasonably chilly night for June in Los Angeles. About three dozen people, mostly women in their 20s and 30s, were spending their Friday evening lying on yoga mats on the back patio of a shop a few blocks from Hollywood Forever Cemetery and the Paramount Pictures lot. Attendees had been invited to bring whatever they needed to make the space cozy: Blankets. Pillows. Crystals.

I am powerful."

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"The lower level space is dedicated to a "visual escape" to California's Muir Woods, in which you can participate in breath work sessions with breath work meditation guide and healer Ana Lilia."

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"20,000 That's the number of breaths we take a take, but according to certified breathwork teacher Ana Lilia, many people aren't breathing correctly."

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Navigating daily stresses and anxieties can be hard to do sometimes. Life is full of unpredictable ups and downs and it’s easy to let your constant worries cause you to be constantly anxious and unsure how to deal with all of these emotions. If you are constantly feeling overwhelmed or finding the day to day tough to handle, there are surprisingly easy ways from experts on how to calm your daily stress and anxiety with a few different techniques.

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As someone who’s struggled with anxiety for most of her life, breathwork exercises have been a true lifesaver. It’s the one magical tool in my wellness toolkit that I can always rely on whenever I’m feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or feel a full-blown panic attack coming on, especially during this pandemic. So what exactly is breathwork? Breathwork facilitator Ana Lilia defines it as “an active form of meditation where you manipulate your breath to quickly change the way you feel.”

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How to manage election stress and uncertainty​


NBC’s Anne Thompson talks to an expert about the best ways to cope with uncertainty, including accepting it and finding distractions to bring calm.

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With today's fast paced life, it's important to take time to breathe as a way to support your well-being. Ana Lilia demonstrates different relaxations techniques to achieve a sense of calm using your breath.  

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How To Use Visualization To Create The Life That You Want

When it comes to manifesting, visualization is an important technique to use to create the life of your dreams. Highly successful people, dating as far back as Aristotle, claim that visualization can transform your life for the better. Most of us already use visualization to create the life that we have. However, we aren’t fully conscious of what we are creating. And we tend to focus on what is going wrong in our life, instead of thinking about how we would like things to be.

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