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EP 10: Letting Go of Toxicity and Creating a Life Aligned with Your Soul's Purpose

EP 10: Letting Go of Toxicity and Creating a Life Aligned with Your Soul's Purpose

In today's episode, we have an inspiring conversation between our host, Ana Lilia, and her guest, Carina. Carina is an incredibly gifted healer who shares her journey of transformation and the power of ancestral healing. Join us as we delve into Carina's story and learn about the importance of making ourselves a priority and embracing change.

Listen in to hear Carina reflect on a pivotal moment in her life, over two years ago. At the time, she was working a toxic nine-to-five job as a bookkeeper, which was initially her dream job. However, she realized that she had outgrown it and needed to make a change. As a single parent with responsibilities towards her child and parents, she found it challenging to take the leap. During this time, Carina decided to join Dream Bigger Mastermind, seeking guidance and support in her journey.

Carina found so much value in the community created within Dream Bigger Mastermind. She explains that as immigrants and as human beings, we often feel disconnected from a sense of authentic community. Ana Lilia's curated space provided the opportunity for genuine sharing and growth. Carina appreciates the empowerment she derived from being part of a supportive community, where she could freely express herself and discover her true potential.

Carina shares her experience of leaving her toxic job while still in Dream Bigger Mastermind. Ana Lilia encourages taking calculated risks to avoid overwhelming trauma responses. Carina's decision to quit her job enabled her to attract freelance bookkeeping clients, easing her financial stress. She recognized that hanging onto something that no longer served her was a disservice to both herself and the job. By surrendering to change and embracing her gift as a healer, Carina was able to create space for growth and transformation.

Carina explains that ancestral healing involves acknowledging the unhealed traumas passed down through generations and becoming a living nexus for their healing. By choosing to heal, we empower ourselves and draw strength from our ancestors. Carina discovered her healing abilities while searching for answers to her mother's struggles. The healing journey not only impacted her own life but also activated healing within her family. Carina emphasizes the importance of knowing that through ancestral healing, we create a better future for ourselves and future generations, free from repetitive patterns and wounds.

Ana Lilia points out that personal transformation has a ripple effect beyond ourselves. When we prioritize our healing and growth, it positively impacts our relationships and interactions in various areas of life. Carina's transformative journey illustrates how prioritizing oneself contributes to healthier connections with others, both personally and professionally.

Carina's journey is a testament to the power of surrendering to change, healing, and making oneself a priority. Her story inspires us to embrace transformation and seek the support and guidance we need to manifest our dreams and fulfill our potential. Through ancestral healing, Carina demonstrates how one person's transformation can impact not only their life but also the lives of future generations. Let her story inspire you as you make your dreams a priority.



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