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EP 20: I Bent a Spoon With My Mind

EP 20: I Bent a Spoon With My Mind

I am just getting back from a conference for entrepreneurs. To my surprise, we did a 101 spoon-bending workshop. I thought it was a joke. They went into talking about how everything is energy. And then they guided us in a deep meditation to harvest our energy. We were also given stainless steel spoons to actually bend.

I was so excited because I love playing with energy ever since I became aware of healing and consciously manifesting and cultivating our energy to change our reality. I knew this was gonna be my exercise. I just knew, full body, I would be able to bend it. But then they said not all of you are gonna bend it and that's okay. If you get out of the moment, then it creates more resistance. I rejected that and decided I was going to bend it. 

Once they started to guide us in the practice, all of my doubts came up. Again, this spoon is thick, it's stainless steel. You can't just bend it by putting some pressure on it or even a lot of pressure.

Another thought that came up for me when holding the spoon was it's always harder for me. Talk about an empowering belief right? It's always harder for me. Yes, I'm able to do it and have success, but it just always seems like it's so much harder for me compared to other people or compared to what I see on social media.

I don't know how this is going to happen, but this spoon is going to bend. And so with this, as soon as I made that declaration, I just felt this spoon become soft and gummy and I crushed it because I was still holding it in between my palms. Basically it's as if my palms did a high five, but with the spoon in between my palms and it folded like a zigzag. And I just started to cry. There was such a huge emotional release because I felt a sense of relief. Once I got out of my way, it happened. 

I invite you to reflect in what area in your life, around what goal are you getting in the way of it happening? What can you do today to start to get out of your way?

Our mind is full of thoughts and emotions and perceptions. And when we learn how to control our mind, we gain the power to respond to our life as opposed to just automatically reacting to life, having our trauma responses take over.

For example, if the thought is, I'm never going to succeed. Changing it immediately to, I am gonna succeed, might not work, that might be too much of a stretch. But what about adding, I am capable of achieving my goals through dedication, through perseverance?

Sometimes it's the fear of being in our power because when we are we know that things are going to change and that fear of changing our reality is what's stopping us from being empowered.

So go out there and grab your spoon and connect with your energy. Remember, you can do whatever you want. You have the power to change reality. You too, have the power to bend a spoon. So continue to hold that vision, take a line to action, believe in yourself and let it go.


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