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EP 23: Closing Chapters for a Fresh Start in 2024

EP 23: Closing Chapters for a Fresh Start in 2024

Happy New Year! Can you believe we've stepped into a brand new chapter? I'm so excited for what's to come.

As I reflect on 2023, it was a challenging year for me—filled with health struggles and a significant move. Yep, I've bid farewell to Los Angeles and nestled myself into the serene embrace of Idyllwild, a quaint mountain town. This new chapter brings both nerves and excitement, but hey, I'm all about following the paths that unfold.

Today, I want to chat about something that often takes a backseat to setting intentions—the art of closing chapters. Before we dive into the grand plans for the new year, let's take a moment to reflect on what needs closure. What parts of your life have you outgrown? What do you hesitate to carry into this fresh start?

Let me share a personal story with you. Before leaving my beloved house in LA, I embarked on an Endings and Beginnings ceremony with Stefy Garcia. This ritual wasn't just about letting go of physical belongings but honoring the space that cradled seven pivotal years of my life.

This house witnessed the birth of my business, moments of triumph in the LA Times, doggy cuddles, heartbreaks, and the transition of my dear TJ. So, Stefy and I created an altar, a portal for a ceremony marking the end and beginning. The flood of emotions hit me, and tears flowed freely—a cathartic release I hadn't realized I needed.

2023 brought unexpected challenges, including health issues stemming from mold in my home. Advocacy became a second job, juggling my health and business amidst chaos. Yet, despite the turmoil, I launched major projects, showcasing the resilient spirit that I'm taking with me into this new chapter.

Closing chapters isn't just about physical spaces; it's a powerful energetic practice. I've seen immediate shifts in my clients as we cut energetic cords, untangling themselves from past relationships or situations. The act of letting go creates space for the new, fostering ease and confidence.

Take, for instance, a recent private retreat I hosted. My client acknowledged energy leaks in her life—procrastination, guilt-driven actions, and fear of judgment. Through rituals, she spoke her truth, letting go of what no longer served her. The result? Clarity, confidence, and newfound energy.

Unresolved pasts can act as anchors, hindering our forward mobility. It might seem like you're progressing, but are you settling? Reflect on what you've outgrown, and be honest about any lingering fears. Closing chapters is a manifestation of scarcity—a fear of letting go and not having enough.

I'll be vulnerable with you—I held onto my acting career despite despising the auditioning process. Fear whispered, "What if my business doesn't work out?" In 2023, I took a courageous step, bidding adieu to acting. And guess what? I still collaborated with aligned brands effortlessly.

So, I invite you to take a moment and ask yourself, “What have I outgrown? What's holding me back?” Write a letter, meditate, or reach out—I'm here to help. Add an element of fire to your practice; burn what no longer serves you, transmuting it into ashes and offer it to Mother Earth.

The hard part follows—courageous actions, difficult conversations, vulnerability. But trust me, it's all worth it. As we bid farewell to what's no longer serving us, we create space for the magic of the new.


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