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EP 53: Summer of Self Love: Practical Tools to Reclaim Your Self-Worth

EP 53: Summer of Self Love: Practical Tools to Reclaim Your Self-Worth

Hello, beautiful souls! Welcome back to Breathe More and happy summer! As we step into this vibrant season, I find it the perfect time to talk about something very close to my heart: self-love. 

When I hold space for my clients, whether in group settings or one-on-one coaching, self-love is a foundational element we often explore. It's not just about feeling good; it's about how we talk to ourselves, treat ourselves, and what we allow ourselves to do or not do. 

You’ve probably seen the term "self-love" all over social media, often associated with activities like bubble baths, massages, or treating yourself to something nice. While these are lovely gestures, they barely scratch the surface. True self-love is much deeper and more transformative. It’s about how compassionate, patient, and loving we are towards ourselves at our core.

Self-love is often damaged by past experiences or traumas that leave imprints on our subconscious mind. These can manifest as self-doubt, self-hatred, or fear of receiving love and support. Many times, these core wounds stem from critical voices, often from parental figures or significant experiences in our childhood. Addressing these foundational issues is crucial for genuine transformation.

Healing doesn’t have to be a long, painful process. Using various modalities like clairvoyance and breathwork, I help clients quickly identify and address these wounds. For example, a client recently struggled with attracting her dream clients in her business. Through our sessions, we uncovered deep-seated beliefs from her childhood about feeling unlovable and needing to do everything alone. By addressing these issues, her energy shifted, and she began attracting new opportunities almost immediately.

A critical aspect of healing is changing how we respond to situations. By regulating our nervous system through practices like breathwork, we can shift from automatic reactions to more empowered, calm responses. This change in energy can significantly impact our external reality, as it did for my client, who started experiencing positive shifts in her business and personal relationships.

Celebrating ourselves is an often overlooked but vital part of self-love. Recognizing and acknowledging our accomplishments, no matter how small, helps boost our confidence and energy. It’s about embracing compliments and feeling genuinely proud of who we are.

To help you on your journey, I’ve created a free Summer of Self-Love Challenge. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Day 1 Change the Way You Talk to Yourself: On Day 1, you'll look at how your self-talk is sabotaging your growth and learn a simple way to shift it into something more positive and powerful.

  • DAY 2 Open Your Heart: Through guided meditation, we'll work on opening your heart to yourself so you're open to all the beautiful things the Universe wants to give you.

  • DAY 3 Heal Yourself By Healing Your Inner Child: On Day 3, you'll do an exercise that will help you connect with your past self so you can live a better present and build your dream future.

  • DAY 4 Breathwork for Self-Love: You'll be guided through a powerful self-love meditation using breathwork to help you feel grounded and have more compassion for yourself.

  • DAY 5 Self-Celebration: It’s time to celebrate YOU! You'll take time to truly understand the power you have inside you — and how to channel it when you need it.

Don't wait until discomfort forces you to make a change. Start now, even if it's just a desire for more peace, joy, or fulfillment in your life. Reflect on your energy, how you speak about yourself, and whether you truly believe you deserve the life you desire. Click here to start the Summer of Self-Love Challenge.

If you resonate with this and want to dive deeper, consider joining my Radiate program. In just four sessions together, we can uncover and address the core wounds affecting your self-love and confidence, helping you manifest your desires.

I’m excited for this expansive summer and to hold space for you as we embrace vibrancy and playfulness. Remember, you are deserving of all your desires. Feel free to reach out via Instagram or book a call to discuss how I can support you.

Cheering you on, you are amazing. Let's embrace this journey of self-love together!


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