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EP 9: Reprogramming Scarcity Mindset for Abundance

EP 9: Reprogramming Scarcity Mindset for Abundance

Today, I want to share my personal journey of breaking free from the scarcity mindset and reprogramming for abundance. 

Growing up in a household where financial struggle was the norm, I was constantly told, "We can't afford it" or "That's too much." This scarcity mentality was deeply ingrained in me, passed down through generations on both sides of my family. But I knew I wanted to break free from this limiting belief system.

What is a scarcity mindset? It's the belief that there's never enough and there never will be. This mindset leads to constant thoughts of lack, fear, and anxiety. It doesn't just affect your finances; it seeps into your relationships, personal growth, and every aspect of your life. It becomes a cycle of self-imposed limitations.

I found myself echoing these limiting beliefs, saying, "I can't afford that" or "I don't have enough money." But I started questioning these thoughts. Were they really true? Sometimes, yes, they were valid. However, just because I couldn't afford something at the moment didn't mean I couldn't experience it. I realized I was closing doors without even considering the possibilities.

This mindset was also blocking me from receiving. Even when someone wanted to treat me or offer something, I'd reject it, feeling like I didn't deserve it unless I could pay for it myself. Shame and embarrassment about my financial situation were also contributing to this.

To change my life and create an expansive reality, I knew I had to reprogram my beliefs. I wanted to continue dreaming big and not let old programming limit my potential. Scarcity mindset was affecting all areas of my life. I felt like if someone else had something, it meant I couldn't have it. This scarcity mindset became apparent in my acting career, where every audition felt like life or death.

I even noticed it when I manifested a big commercial and I was making a lot of money from it. Instead of feeling joyful, fear crept in. I was afraid of losing it all, and I didn't know how to handle the newfound income. It made me realize that even when circumstances change, old beliefs can still hold us back.

So, I invite you to reflect on your own life. Is scarcity mindset affecting your finances? Are you avoiding change or taking risks due to fear? Are you afraid to invest your money? 

Consider how it's impacting your relationships. Are you staying in toxic situations because you fear being alone? Are you compromising your well-being to avoid rocking the boat? 

Think about your career. Is scarcity preventing you from applying for your dream job, asking for a promotion, or negotiating your salary? 

Is scarcity mindset affecting your health and well-being? Are you telling yourself that you can't afford to eat healthy or invest in self-care? 

Reprogramming the scarcity mindset is challenging, and it has many layers. It's not something that magically disappears with a promotion or a windfall. But the good news is, it can be changed. 

One simple daily practice that helps is a gratitude journal. Write down three things you're grateful for, three things you want to happen that day, and an affirmation for yourself. Reflect on what you learned at the end of the day. This practice trains your brain to focus on abundance and attract more of it.

Your social circle is also vital. Surround yourself with people who support abundance rather than scarcity. If your inner circle is constantly in survival mode, it will affect your mindset too.

Challenge scarcity thoughts and beliefs. When someone, even yourself, expresses limiting beliefs, reframe them. Ask if it's actually true or if there's another way to see the situation. 

If you resonate with this topic and want to break free from your scarcity mindset, consider joining my Dream Bigger Mastermind. It's a group coaching program that focuses on setting goals and reprogramming limiting beliefs. 

Reprogramming your scarcity mindset is a journey, and I'm still on it. This year has brought its challenges, but I'm committed to breaking free from limitations and creating a life of abundance and growth.

Your “homework” is to notice your scarcity thoughts and challenge them. Provide evidence of why they're not true and reframe the situation so that you can be more open to receive, despite your current circumstances.


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