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Breathe and Relax

In Day #2 of the Holiday Calm Challenge, you learn how to relax your body using a progressive muscle relaxation exercise. This is one of my favorite techniques to release physical stress in my body. As soon as I started to connect with my body I noticed tension in my shoulders and jaw. By using my breath and isolating body parts, while tensing them, it helps my body start to relax and let go.

The holidays can bring up a lot of tension due to family interactions, high expectations, and financial stress. Because our mind and body are so interconnected, when you learn how to relax your body, it makes it easier for your mind to follow suit. Doing today’s meditation can help you to connect with your body on a deeper level so that you can get the full benefits of breathwork.

There are currently 195 people participating in the Holiday Calm Challenge. You can still join the challenge for free. Sign up here for my Breathwork for Anxiety program. You get to keep these meditations forever.

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