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EP 14: A Community of Cycle Breakers

EP 14: A Community of Cycle Breakers

Today I’m celebrating two remarkable years of The Collective, my membership community dedicated to healing and creating a supportive space for our members.

Two years ago, during the challenging times of the pandemic, I embarked on a mission to create a community that could provide support and healing to those who felt isolated and disconnected. The Collective was born out of a deep understanding of the hunger for a sense of belonging and empowerment that was so desperately needed during those times.

My healing journey started over a decade ago, a journey that involved self-study, therapy, and exploring various healing modalities. This dedication to self-improvement led me to understand the power of healing and self-discovery. This knowledge became the foundation of The Collective, serving as a guide and a support for others on their paths to healing.

My transformation wasn't without its challenges. During my personal growth and awakening, I often found myself at odds with my social circles. The shift in my energy and my new perspective on life led to a disconnect with friends and family who couldn't understand my journey. I was passionate about sharing my newfound tools and insights, but only some were receptive to the change. I felt misunderstood and sought a like-minded community.

The Collective is a sanctuary for those who felt a deep calling to end the cycles of trauma in their lives. It provides a space for people who long for a different reality, a life aligned with their values and desires. The community was formed on the belief that transformation was possible and that they held the power to shape their destinies.

The Collective is a treasure trove of resources aimed at empowering you on your healing journey. It boasts an extensive library of meditations covering various topics, allowing you to dive deep into your inner self. It includes many on-demand meditations, like the Inner Child and Future Self meditations, and even includes access to my Breathwork For Anxiety program, a 7-day practice to feel calm.

In The Collective, you not only get all of the recorded meditations, but you also get four live monthly classes each month. One of the monthly classes is our Guest Healer Workshop which explores a new topic or modality each month. Each workshop is led by a different expert or healer. I emphasize that my healing journey has been diverse, involving different modalities to address various challenges. The Guest Healer Workshops introduce you to different healers and their respective techniques, broadening your horizons and helping you find various ways to feel supported. From hypnotherapy to astrology readings, these classes provide a well-rounded experience so you can find what works best for you.

Another monthly event we have is New Moon Circles. My commitment to self-improvement extends to setting intentions and connecting with the moon's cycles. During our New Moon circles, members come together to shed light on the shadows in their lives and release what no longer serves them. These ceremonies include intentional journaling, connecting with guides and ancestors, fire ceremonies, breathwork, and live readings from guest experts like Edith, a channeler and Reiki master.

One of the most profound aspects of The Collective is the Witnessing sessions. These drop-in gatherings are held monthly to give you a safe space to share your experiences without judgment. The impact of these sessions cannot be understated. They've been a lifeline for members who have found understanding, support, and love in the community. During these sessions, you can also get coaching from me for extra guidance.

Our monthly classes are recorded, so if you aren’t able to attend live, you can still watch the replays. We also have a master class library of 24 past Guest Healer Workshops and 26 past Breathwork Classes.

If you're searching for a supportive community, a place to explore various healing modalities, or simply looking to resonate with like-minded individuals, join us in The Collective. With a membership fee of just $44 per month, you gain access to an extensive library of resources, including live classes, meditations, and expert masterclasses.

As we celebrate the second anniversary of The Collective, I encourage all of us to take a moment to celebrate ourselves. In a world where we often focus on our shortcomings and the future, it's essential to stop and acknowledge our achievements, no matter how small they may seem. The Collective is not just about healing; it's a celebration of self-discovery, community, and personal growth.

I warmly invite you to become a part of The Collective, a community of dreamers, seekers, and spiritual explorers. In this space, you'll discover support, resources, and opportunities for personal transformation. Join The Collective and be part of this incredible journey toward healing, self-discovery, and empowerment.

Your healing journey continues to unfold. Remember to breathe more, keep moving forward, and never give up. One step at a time, you've got this.


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