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EP 47: Reframe Your Money Mindset: A Path to Abundance

EP 47: Reframe Your Money Mindset: A Path to Abundance

Today, I want to reflect on something crucial—our money mindset. It's a topic that deeply affects many areas of our lives. Within my group programs, whether it’s my Dream Bigger Mastermind or my upcoming Soulful Entrepreneur Mentorship, I've seen how transformative it can be to address and reprogram our money stories.

Helping my clients navigate and become aware of their money programming—whether inherited or learned—is vital. It’s about acknowledging that these old narratives are not supporting their goals. Unfortunately, this issue seems to affect women disproportionately. One of my life missions, aside from helping people create their dream lives, is to empower them to have more money. Why? Because life is expensive, and money, as a tool, significantly impacts our stress levels. Let's face it, if we need money, we might as well aim for abundance so we’re not stressed out.

Money Mindset and Empowerment

I love helping my clients feel confident in negotiating their salaries or charging appropriately for their services. Now, a little disclaimer: I’m not a fan of the phrase "charge your worth." Our worth can’t be quantified in dollars. If that were the case, my sessions would be worth millions because of the transformative impact they have. But you get the idea—it's about ensuring that your services or products are valued appropriately so you can live without financial stress.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on this. Connect with your breath. Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. Feel your body calm down. As you continue to breathe, think about your current financial situation. Is it a big stressor? Does it feel like there’s never enough? Is there any resentment around it?

Visualizing Financial Abundance

Now, think about how you want to feel about money. What would your ideal financial situation look like? Imagine a number that would make you feel secure, one that allows you not only to cover your expenses but also to invest in yourself and enjoy life. Breathe into that vision.

When you’re not making enough money—whether at your job or in your business—there’s often a lot of guilt associated with charging or earning what you need for stability. It’s a craving for safety and support that everyone has, but there are so many limiting beliefs and shame around receiving financial stability.

Reframing Money Stories

I guide my clients to shine a light on their money stories, to become aware of where their thoughts are coming from, and to question if these thoughts support their goals. Often, there’s a misalignment. Especially for soulful entrepreneurs, many have side projects or dreams of turning their passions into full-time endeavors. But to make these sustainable, we have to look at the money aspect. Are you charging enough? Are you undervaluing your work? Are you giving it away for free? If you feel resentful or burnt out, it could be a sign that there’s an imbalance in the exchange for your work. Whether you set your compensation or it's determined by an organization, an imbalance indicates that something is off.

Practical Steps to Align with Abundance

For soulful entrepreneurs, it might be easier to raise your prices or adjust your offerings to better align with what you’re charging. It’s natural to feel uncomfortable negotiating a higher salary or raising your prices—that’s part of the process. The tools and holistic healing modalities I use help clients move past guilt, feelings of unworthiness, and fear of judgment.

Often, we project our financial limitations onto others. I once assumed that my Latina community couldn’t afford my services, which now I find offensive and unhelpful. I had to reframe my beliefs and hold my community in a higher energy, believing they could invest in themselves just as I had invested in my growth.

The Importance of Investing in Yourself

I recently helped a client struggling to set her pricing. She was wavering between prices and wanted to make her services cheaper. I reminded her not to project her financial situation onto her offerings but to consider the value, experience, and results she provides. This shift in perspective is crucial for anyone looking to thrive financially.

So, my invitation to you today is to reflect on your money situation. What can you change today to get closer to your financial goals? Avoidance is a common issue, regardless of income level. People carry shame and judgment from past financial mistakes, which affects their present situation. It’s important to address these lingering feelings and reframe your money stories.

Join Me for a Transformative Workshop

If this topic resonates with you, I invite you to join my free workshop taking place June 3-5, called Calling in Confidence, Clients, and Cash. It's a three-day manifestation event to help you move energy in these critical areas. Whether you struggle with imposter syndrome, lack confidence, or find it hard to attract clients and cash, this workshop will provide clarity and help you take action. Click here to register for free!

Additionally, my Soulful Entrepreneur Mentorship begins on June 13th. This three-month container combines strategy and practical business tasks with a holistic approach, addressing mindset, energy, and beliefs. For a limited time, I’m offering this live mentorship program at an accessible price with payment plans available. Click here to learn more.

Let’s bring in more money and feel financially stable and abundant. You deserve it, and I’m here cheering you on. You can do it!


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