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EP 48: Lucy Rojek went from Burnout as a Massage Therapist to Financial Abundance in 3 months!

EP 48: Lucy Rojek went from Burnout as a Massage Therapist to Financial Abundance in 3 months!

I'm thrilled to share a conversation with Lucy Rojek, a soulful entrepreneur and bodyworker based in Joshua Tree. Lucy's journey is a testament to the power of mindset shifts, strategic actions, and the importance of valuing your worth in business.

Lucy Rojek is a Licensed Trauma-informed Massage Therapist, intuitive Myofascial Release Practitioner, and dedicated Reiki Practitioner committed to creating a safe, nurturing space where clients can unwind, relax, and reconnect their mind with their body. With a diverse background as a trauma-informed yoga teacher, wilderness therapy guide, and educator, Lucy brings a unique and holistic approach to massage therapy. Her business, Sol Massage, is currently located in Joshua Tree, CA and will be making a move to San Diego this June! 

I met Lucy back in December while hosting a VIP one-on-one retreat for one of my executive clients. Finding a skilled therapist for bodywork was challenging, but Lucy's name kept coming up. Her Instagram impressed me, and after my intuition nudged me to book her, I was surprised by how low her rates were. Her session was phenomenal, and as she packed up, I told her, "You need to be charging more." This was the beginning of our journey together.

Lucy joined my Dream Bigger Mastermind at the start of the year. Even before the program officially started, she was already implementing changes from our coaching sessions. Her commitment and willingness to learn and grow were evident from the start.

Lucy had been charging $75 for an in-home session, which was unsustainable. She was burnt out, her body was hurting, and the amount of work she was doing was not sustainable. The first major shift we made was in her pricing. She raised her rates significantly, which initially caused some anxiety. However, the results were immediate and positive. Her clients valued her work and were willing to pay more for it. She even started getting busier, particularly with visitors booking her mobile services.

One of the biggest mindset shifts we worked on was understanding the value of her services. Lucy's extensive training and experience as a bodyworker are invaluable, and her pricing needed to reflect that. By raising her prices, she not only honored her worth but also ensured that she could continue providing high-quality services without burning out.

At first, Lucy was resistant to using social media to promote her business. She found it awkward and time-consuming. However, once she reframed her approach, viewing it as a creative outlet rather than a chore, everything changed. She began creating educational content that provided real value to her audience. This not only helped her attract new clients but also allowed her to showcase her expertise.

One of the most exciting developments for Lucy is her upcoming move to San Diego. For the first time, she feels confident in relocating her business because she has the tools and strategies to succeed anywhere. This confidence stems from the mindset shifts and practical actions she's taken over the past few months.

Lucy’s journey is a powerful example of how mindset shifts, valuing your worth, and strategic actions can transform a business. For all the soulful entrepreneurs out there, take a page from Lucy's book: believe in your value, invest in yourself, and don't be afraid to make the necessary changes to thrive. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, join the Soulful Entrepreneur Mentorship, where we’ll work together to turn your passion into profit.  


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