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EP 50: From Assistant to Soulful Entrepreneur: Irma’s Career Transition in 3 months!

EP 50: From Assistant to Soulful Entrepreneur: Irma’s Career Transition in 3 months!

Welcome back to Breathe More! Today, I have the honor of sharing a truly inspiring story from one of our community members, Irma Gonzalez. Irma’s journey is a testament to the power of self-belief, community support, and the willingness to take bold steps towards a fulfilling career. Irma has been a part of my Dream Bigger mastermind, attended retreats with her daughter, and was among the first to join my Soulful Entrepreneur Mentorship. Her story is unique and incredibly motivating.

When Irma joined the Dream Bigger Mastermind, she was going through a significant life transition. She had moved across the country, leaving her family behind temporarily, and was also in the process of transitioning from a long-held job. She felt the need for a supportive community to navigate this new chapter of her life. During our time together in the mastermind, Irma shared her vulnerability with the group, expressing that she had outgrown her job and desired something different but was unsure of her next steps.

Irma eventually landed a new job that seemed perfect on paper. However, the reality of the job was far from what she expected. The managerial environment was toxic, and she realized it wasn’t where she wanted to be. That’s when I suggested to Irma that she consider becoming her own boss. With her extensive experience as an administrative assistant and her deep involvement in the healing and wellness world, it became clear that she had a unique skill set that could support soulful entrepreneurs.

Irma was initially hesitant, doubting her abilities and unsure of what she could offer. However, as we explored the idea further, she began to see the potential. She could leverage her 25 years of administrative experience to help soulful entrepreneurs with tasks that often overwhelm them, allowing them to focus on their creative pursuits. The idea resonated deeply with Irma, aligning with her passion for supporting others and her personal values.

One of the significant aspects of the Soulful Entrepreneur Mentorship is creating a structured business plan. The mentorship provided Irma a clear framework for defining her messaging, purpose, and execution strategy. This structure empowered Irma to confidently step into her new role and start her own business.

Irma’s commitment to the program and her hard work paid off quickly. Within the first month of the Soulful Entrepreneur Mentorship, she secured her first paying client. By the end of the three-month program, she had developed a sustainable business model, balancing her new entrepreneurial venture with a full-time job she manifested during the same period. This job aligned with her values and provided the stability and benefits she needed while she continued to grow her business.

Irma’s story highlights the flexibility and freedom that come with being an entrepreneur. She can create her own hours, decide on the responsibilities she takes on, and balance her entrepreneurial efforts with her full-time job. This dual approach allows her to support her family while also working towards long-term independence and financial freedom.

Throughout her journey, Irma emphasized the importance of community and support. Being part of the Soulful Entrepreneur Mentorship program provided her with a network of like-minded individuals who offered encouragement, feedback, and validation. This support system was crucial in helping her stay motivated and confident in her new venture.

Irma’s transformation didn’t just impact her life; it also inspired her family and community. Her husband, initially skeptical about the investment in coaching, became a believer after witnessing Irma’s growth and success. He even joined the Dream Bigger mastermind, seeking his own personal and professional development. Irma’s journey has created a ripple effect, motivating others to invest in themselves and pursue their dreams.

Irma’s story is a powerful reminder that it’s never too late to make a change and pursue your passion. With the right support, structure, and community, you can transform your life and career. If Irma’s journey resonates with you and you’re ready to take the next step towards a fulfilling career, I encourage you to explore the Soulful Entrepreneur Mentorship. Don’t let fear or doubt hold you back. Trust in your abilities, invest in yourself, and embrace the journey towards a brighter future.

Thank you, Irma, for sharing your incredible story with us. Your courage and determination are truly inspiring. To everyone reading this, remember that you have the power to create the life and career you desire. Believe in yourself and take that leap of faith. The rewards are beyond what you can imagine.




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