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EP 7: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

EP 7: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Get ready to breathe more as we dive into one of my favorite topics today: limiting beliefs. This is a crucial aspect of the work I do with my clients – helping them identify and break free from beliefs that hold them back.

When I began my healing journey and started developing self-awareness, I noticed that I often framed situations with negative thoughts like, "I can't, I won't, I don't." These limiting beliefs were a roadblock in my life. I realized that I needed to change my thought patterns to create the life I desired.

What Are Limiting Beliefs?

A limiting belief is a thought or mindset that you believe is true but is actually holding you back from achieving your goals and realizing your full potential. These beliefs often manifest as negative thought patterns or perceptions, leading to self-imposed limitations.

Limiting beliefs can stem from various sources, including past experiences, societal conditioning, and even inherited beliefs passed down from family. They often carry elements of fear, self-doubt, and shame. However, it's crucial to recognize that these beliefs are not facts but interpretations we've constructed over time.

Common Limiting Beliefs:

- I'm not good enough.

- I don't deserve success.

- I'm never going to achieve that.

- I can't, I don't, I won't.

Do any of these beliefs sound familiar? It's essential to identify and challenge them if you want to break free from their constraints.

Step 1: Reflect and Identify

The first step in overcoming limiting beliefs is taking time to observe your thoughts and behaviors. Ask yourself questions like:

- Where am I afraid or anxious to take action in my life?

- What areas of my life do I wish were different?

- Where do I want to be in each area of my life, and what's holding me back?

- Do I often complain, blame others, or exhibit negativity?

- What is my default emotion?

Make a list of the limiting beliefs that are not serving you or holding you back.

Step 2: Challenge Your Beliefs

Once you've identified these beliefs, it's time to challenge them. Ask yourself whether they are facts or excuses. Understand the underlying fears and self-doubt associated with them. Recognize that these beliefs may have protected you in the past but may now be hindering your growth.

Step 3: Reframe Your Beliefs

Reframing your beliefs is about providing a different perspective. Instead of saying, "I can't," rephrase it as "I want to learn how to." Shift from negativity to possibility, and focus on the energy of hope and eagerness. Reframing can also involve presenting evidence that contradicts your limiting beliefs, such as examples of others who have overcome similar challenges.

Step 4: Visualization and Taking Action

Visualization is a powerful tool for reinforcing your new beliefs. Practice visualizing the desired outcomes that result from your reframed beliefs. Imagine yourself confidently speaking up at work, achieving your goals, or finding a fulfilling relationship.

Step 5: Take action

Taking action is the final step in overcoming limiting beliefs. Break down your larger goals into smaller, manageable steps. As you take action and witness positive results, you'll provide your brain with evidence that supports your new beliefs. Gradually, you'll build confidence and momentum.

Remember, your limiting beliefs are not truths. They are thoughts that can be challenged, reframed, and transformed. By following these steps, you'll step into your power, change your energy, and attract positive opportunities into your life.

If you're working on identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs, I'd love to hear about your progress. Feel free to reach out via DM or email. And if you need support on this transformative journey, consider joining my Dream Bigger Mastermind, where you'll find a supportive community and guidance to help you manifest the reality you desire.


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