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© 2019 Breathe. Release. Relax. with Ana Lilia 


"Ana’s work is nothing short of miraculous.
She is a gifted healer and her technique is very effective. I only wish I had met her years ago."

 - Simon

Do you constantly feel anxious and worried? Are you stressed out and overwhelmed? With the constant high demands of work and life obligations, it’s easy to end up feeling burnt out, stuck and lost. 


RESET is a 4-week program to help you reduce stress, feel clear and have a better balance. Using breathwork and intuitive coaching, together we will uncover your stressors and shift your mindset to one of ease and well-being. 

What’s included?

Breathwork Coaching Sessions


These 4 virtual, weekly breathwork coaching sessions will help you hit the RESET button on life. Each session is personalized and with my intuitive guidance we will get to the root of what’s behind your stress. We will tailor and build upon each session to help you feel calmer, lighter and more confident. 

Personalized Guided Meditations


After each weekly breathwork coaching session, you will receive guided meditations to help support you during the week. These meditations are yours to keep so you can reduce stress as soon as you are aware of it.



So much comes up during a breathwork session that it can sometimes be difficult to remember on your own. ​After each session, I will send you an email describing our work together which you can use for reflection. ​These emails will also allow you to track your progress and see how far you've come over the four weeks.

"Our breathwork sessions are really eye and heart opening. Your gift of intuition is pretty spectacular and I’m ready for more." 
Ready to hit the RESET button?

Schedule a FREE call with Ana!

We will discuss the biggest stressors in your is life, how I can support you and we will start to map out your RESET plan together.