A six-week program designed for women who want to to reduce stress and gain clarity as they boldly conquer 2021 and overcome any setbacks caused by COVID-19

Does this sound like you?

  • Do you suffer from constant feelings of anxiousness or worry?

  • Are you stressed out?

  • Feeling overwhelmed?

  • Do you find yourself having a difficult time keeping up with the constant demands of work and your personal life?

  • Do you experience feelings of being lost or stuck in life?

  • Do you have unresolved pain from the past that you’d like to be released from?

If so, you are not alone. Many women suffer from feelings of self-doubt, inadequacy and fear. Over time our thoughts, emotions, and past traumas can build up - causing blockages and barriers toward our ultimate sense of purpose, inner peace, and success. 


If there’s anything that you’d like to change in your life, it may be time to hit the RESET button.

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Don’t let the impacts of COVID-19 defeat you — take your power back and make 2021 your year for transformation, shifting your mindset into one of balance, clarity, and peace.


Lisa recently came to me expressing some concerns I hear far too often from strong, successful women like you:

"I feel like my life is out of control, and I really need more mental clarity, focus and to be more present.


My mind is just so cluttered these days, and I have a tendency to lash out when my anxiety spikes.


When things are beyond my control, I feel anxious and it’s difficult for me to calm down and feel at peace. I want to be able to let go more and accept that I cannot control everything.


It’s torturous.


I realize I need to set stronger boundaries at work and learn how to protect myself from the energy of others. I really want to create a work environment that feels like a safe space.


Sometimes life moves too fast, and I want to be able to adapt to it while staying centered and grounded. I just feel so stuck, lost and confused. I am tired of feeling this way


…It’s exhausting!"

If you feel like Lisa, you’re not alone. True healing and change is possible, and I’d like to guide you through it.

I work with many women who are struggling with blockages and barriers that hold them back from moving forward and living their best lives. 


If any of this resonates with you, it may be time to hit the RESET button on your life.


It’s time for you to RESET if you:

  • Want to reduce stress, gain mental clarity, and find more balance in life

  • Feel like there just isn’t enough time in your day to do everything you want and need to accomplish

  • Would like more focus and control in your career while being able to leave your work at the end of each day and not carry it home with you

  • Feel like you need to set stronger boundaries with those in your life so that you don’t become drained or taken advantage of

  • Want to improve your relationships so they’re more rewarding, healthy, and have an equal give and take dynamic

  • Would like to experience a greater level of success and prosperity 

  • Feel like there must be more to life and you’d like to open yourself up to experiencing it

Something led you here today

And whatever that reason may be, I want you to know that there is hope. You can break free from all that’s weighing you down and move into a place of personal empowerment and well-being. 


If you’re reading this because you feel:


Overwhelmed • Lost • Stuck • Defeated • Exhausted • Anxious • Sad • Out of control • Depressed • Stressed out

It’s time to experience a release and clear these from your life. You deserve to live the life your heart desires. You are magical, powerful and beautiful. Let me show you how you can make your dreams a reality. 


Hitting the RESET button can help you gain the clarity, peace of mind and balance that you seek. 


Build your confidence, reach your goals and step into the divine light of your true potential!

2021 is here, how do you want to start this year? Do you want it to be like the last two months, or years, or are you ready for true healing so you can experience an inspiring transformation?


Hi, my name is Ana Lilia.

I'm a Breathwork coach and energy healer.

I work with phenomenal women, just like you, who want to transform their lives, dream bigger and reach their highest levels of potential and personal fulfillment. 


  • Discover and release the emotions that are not serving you

  • Get to the root of why certain situations, people, and actions bother or upset you

  • Regain a sense of purpose, tranquility and meaning in life

  • Move from a place of burnout and fear into pride, confidence and empowerment

  • Explore what motivates and drives you so you can gain focus and clarity to reach whatever goals or dreams you have for your life

  • Clear and heal from past traumas and let go of pain, anger and resentment


You may be wondering what happened with Lisa. Well, she decided she was ready for a transformation, so she went through my RESET program. Her results? They were inspiring and uplifting to watch!

“I never thought that I’d be able to feel such peace and relaxation in my daily life!


I was able to tackle every issue that was holding me back in both my career and personal life, and even discovered barriers I didn’t know were there! 


Ana Lilia’s personal meditations and healing playlists were a wonderful compliment to each day, as I was guided through relaxation rituals and meditations that helped reduce my anxiety and become more grounded, focused and ready to take on each new day.

I truly feel stronger, and more at peace in life now—better equipped to tackle any challenge or obstacle that comes my way.

And I’m no longer weighed down by the energies, problems and expectations of others.

The strategies and lessons that I learned were just what I needed to make myself a priority, nurture my well-being and set healthy boundaries with those in my life while improving my relationships.

I am so grateful that I found Ana Lilia’s RESET program when it did. It’s truly been such a saving grace in my life, and I highly recommend this program to others who desire a positive change.”

Lisa is now thriving in her career, and able to successfully manage her anxiety—letting go of the need to control, while staying focused, grounded and at peace. 


If Lisa can experience such a life changing transformation, you can too!

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If you too are ready to transform your life, schedule a FREE 30 minute call with Ana to discuss how she can guide you during this process.

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I understand why you are here. 


You feel like you desperately need to make some changes, but you’re just not sure how to get from your current state and position in life to where you want to be. I want to help you discover everything that is keeping you stuck in life, and work with you to remove these barriers so that you too can experience a radical transformation that allows you to reach your personal dreams and aspirations. The time to RESET is now, why wait any longer and endure any more pain and suffering? 


How would you like to start 2021?

Would you like to have a repeat of last year, or would you like to break through the ties that bind you so that you can soar into freedom, healing and power? 


Facing your personal struggles can feel scary, I completely understand. I have been there, and it was through my journey into healing, and learning how to use breathwork to shift my energy that I was able to release all that wasn’t serving me and step into my light. I want to share this with you and help you start living your dreams and realizing your full potential. 


You deserve this.


You deserve to be happy and to experience all of the joy this life has for you.


You don’t have to do this alone.


I am here to help guide you and support you each and every step of the way.

My RESET program is designed to help you take control of your life and remove anything that’s blocking your inner light from shining through.
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Week 1 and 2: Awareness

Discover what lies beneath your biggest stressors in life. Start making connections between past hurts with any feelings of stress or anxiety, confusion, or imbalance. As you discover the root causes of any symptoms you have, I will help you to determine what’s working for you, and what may be creating more challenges for you in your life. From a place of clarity and empowerment, we’ll move towards your goals together. 

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Week 3 and 4:

Shifting Behaviors

Reprogram your beliefs in a way that allows you to shift your behaviors from old habits and self-defeating thoughts, behaviors, and patterns that are no longer serving you. Clear out any fears, stagnant energies and unblock your chakras. Move into new ways of doing things that bring you peace, clarity and joy. 

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Week 5 and 6:


Take ownership of the life you want. Feel empowered and confident, begin to manifest your dreams, and reach all of the goals that you’ve set out to achieve. 

RESET Program Agenda

“I can't say enough good things about Ana and her RESET program. I knew I needed a "tune-up" with my self-care regimen, but RESET took that and multiplied it by 20. Ana gave me some beautiful meditation tools, along with some great healing work...and during our 6-week tenure, I manifested my dream home, truly! I regained some balance in one of the busiest work periods I have ever had, and worked on some old belief patterns. Ana's work is nothing short of magic, if you are open and ready to receive it.”




Ocean Water
RESET Includes
1-on-1 Virtual Coaching Sessions
  • Six weekly breathwork coaching sessions designed to help you hit the RESET button on life

  • Each session is personally tailored to fit your unique needs

  • Discover the root of what’s behind your stress or anxiety with the help of my intuitive guidance

  • Customize and build upon each session in order for you feel calmer, lighter and more confident

Personalized Guided Meditations
  • Receive guided meditations after each session to support your journey and daily life throughout the week

  • Revisit them whenever you want to reduce stress or anxiety that arises in the future - they're yours to keep!

  • Receive a summary after each session - a lot can come up during our sessions, and sometimes it can be difficult to remember everything that rises to the surface

  • Integrate the work you’ve done and track your progress each week

“I truly have loved this program. Ana Lilia’s RESET program has not only started to move my energy and view in a new direction, but it has helped me see results in just a few weeks since I’ve been implementing it in my life. This is something I believe could benefit all of us. It begins to break up stale energy and helps you move into your power.”




Are you ready to RESET your life?


Each Session During Your Six Week Journey Includes:

  • An opening discussion 
  • 40 minutes of breathwork
  • Energy healing

  • Intuitive coaching 

  • Discussing your next steps

  • Integrating accountability

  • A reflection email

  • 2 personalized meditations

“Ana’s RESET program is the best decision I have made in my healing journey! The growth and transformations I experience were above any I have ever made with other healers. Her beautiful energy guiding me through breathwork and personalized sessions, always left me feeling clear, determined, empowered, and deeply connected. The meditations and playlists that accompany each session have been so valuable to me as I continue to heal and release. Not only did she help me get unstuck from being anxious, frozen with fear from trauma; she so wonderfully allowed me to see new freedoms are attainable through happiness, joy, peace, love, compassion, forgiveness and connection.”



Are you ready to hit the RESET button on your life?

If you’re seeking a positive transformation in your life and a way to overcome any mental and emotional struggles standing in your way of experiencing joy, peace and success, this is the program for you. 

This is NOT the program for you if you:

  • Are not open to changing habits

  • Do not want to uncover the reasons you’re feeling unsatisfied in life

  • Do not believe there is anything wrong with your current life or that there is anything you can do to change it

  • Do not want to complete the work needed to achieve true healing and transformation

  • Are unwilling to let go of any past hurts, traumas, and energies that have been holding you back


If any of these goals resonate with you, it’s time to hit the RESET button on your life and start experiencing the joy and peace that is waiting for you.

Calm Sea

What do you want to work on most as you transform your life?

Here are some of the responses my clients have shared with me over the years:

“To clear blocks and traumas that I have in for me to move forward.”


“Relationship openness, cleansing, and career focus.”


“More clarity in mind, heart, and spirit and healthier boundaries inside my relationships.”


“Peace, ease connection to the Divine/Spirit, along with eradicating any blockages I have to reaching my potential.”

“No more dimming my light. It’s time to shine. I have some blocks around my financial life and would love to clear that as well.”


“I feel like I’ve been blocked for some time, and I’d like to be able to more forward (if that means letting go of the hurt in my last relationship), taking the next steps in my education, moving forward with my career vs. managing my parent’s business… I feel like the last 2 years have been so out of my control, and I want to be able to regain control.”


“Finding and using my emotions as a powerful tool for self-love rather than self-harm.”


“Release from past limiting patterns of belief which result in feelings of being unworthy/unsure of my power/personalization.”


“To build and strengthen my energetic container so I don’t take on other people’s tension and pain and have more clarity to be helpful.”


“Letting go of maybe not finding my person, keep trusting in my talent.”


“I want to release/transform my guilt, anger and tendency to resort to self-harm instead of feeling ok to be angry, disappointed or unheard by others.”


“Fear, anger, or worry.”


“Release my fears if I am good enough to handle the ‘bigness’ that I want to play.”


“Release my fears that someone is going to take from me or betray me.”

“Own my worth.”


“Build by confidence and develop my voice and be proud of what I put into the world as a designer.”


“Break through the fear of doing something new.”


“Manifest success, growth, and community.”


“Release limiting beliefs from past trauma.”


“Transform my experience of ‘lack of love’ in my marriage to being and doing love anyway!”


“Transform my self-identity into one of owning who I am and what I am meant to share with the world, and then moving into action!”


How RESET is helping women

 transforming their life:

“Prior to the RESET program I was dealing with anxiety, depression, heavy migraines and lost hope in life due to past events. The RESET program allowed me to heal and strengthen my faith beyond measure. A few weeks after completing my first RESET program, my brother passed away. And yes, it was a tragic experience, but breathwork and meditation allowed me to find the strength. Family and friends were surprised by the strength and peace I conveyed during the funeral services, and especially in delivering a speech eloquently. Family and friends approached me and inquired on how I’m getting by so well and my answer is clear—breathwork and meditation taught by Ana Lilia.”

— Laura

RESET Program Investment

Each session is $300

Total investment for 6 weeks is $1800

“I could not be more grateful and appreciative of Ana’s guidance through breathwork and intuitive healing. I have had sessions in a retreat setting, online (individual and group) and now have gone through the RESET program, and each session has been incredibly dynamic, powerful, moving and full of self-discovery. Words honestly cannot do justice for what Ana provides—truly the only way to comprehend Ana’s incredible abilities and skills is to breathe with her.”




“Ana helped me release some deeply held belief patterns that were embedded in my brain/nervous system since I was a baby. I have done a lot of personal work towards this excavation and through the RESET program with Ana, I feel like I am buzzing at a different vibration free of some big-time baggage! Ana is an incredibly gifted healer and I would highly recommend her to anyone ready to claim their joy!”



Beach at Sunset

It's never too late to RESET your life!

“Ana! You are magic! But for real, just realizing where my anxiety stems from is pretty crazy. Living my life assuming I’ve moved past everything but not realizing that there were still open wounds. RESET has help me gather the pieces of my life puzzle. I got to notice what works and what doesn’t. Rearrange my pieces with a clear mind. Before reset I was forcefully putting the pieces together and that caused me to panic. Also, it’s nice knowing the root cause of my anxiety. I feel more in control of my life!”





Schedule a FREE call with Ana!

We will discuss your biggest stressors in your life, how I can support you, and we will start to map out your RESET plan together. 



“RESET program has helped me gain control over myself and my life. It gave me the opportunity to let go of expectations and free myself of the anxiety consuming me. I can now say I control my anxiety and it doesn’t control me. This program has brought so much to light and has lifted me. I’ve gain new perspective with myself and I’ve been able to cover wounds that were once open. It is work, and Ana is such a sweet healer that provides the tools to help me flourish. I am so thankful that RESET exists because it’s honestly saved my life and I am forever grateful.”



What are you waiting for?
Hit the RESET button on your life now.