Done feeling burnt out, stuck and overwhelmed?

Let’s spend the day together - VIP style, focusing on you.

Treat yourself to a one-day healing retreat in Napa

Ready for a luxurious, wellness experience in the heart of Napa?

You will experience the best that Napa has to offer while experiencing deep  emotional breakthroughs, rejuvenation and FUN!

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Let's be honest...
Life can feel hard sometimes.

And with all the responsibilities and busyness of life, it's easy to lose yourself...and forget what's important to you. 

Letting more time go by is not an option.

Things have to change NOW!

What would happen if you finally...

  • Felt safe enough to be your whole, authentic self?

  • Made yourself, dreams and desires a priority without guilt?

  • Felt like life is easy and abundant?

  • Were able to remain present and open to enjoy all the wonderful things life has to offer?


My VIP healing day retreats are custom-designed to help you mentally detox so you can fully embody and experience yourself as the powerful soul that you are.

This healing experience will have you feeling rejuvenated, confident and clear about the direction of your life.

Before your VIP Day:


We will hop on a Zoom call to discuss your goals for this day of healing and transformation. Where are you feeling stuck, constrained, frustrated, etc., and I will help you start to move energy on that. 

On your VIP Day:


  • We'll meet at a luxurious and peaceful hotel. Your body and mind will practice all day long how to relax and receive.

  • I will hold space for you all day long. You'll feel seen, heard, and validated as you're guided to step into the person you know you were born to be.

  • We'll also shift the mindset that's been holding you backlike the voice that says, "I don't have time", "I'm not ready for that", "I can't do it alone", "Life is too hard", or "I don't deserve to have a life this good".

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After your VIP Day:


Following your VIP Day, we'll meet again via Zoom for a 90-minute 1:1 virtual session so you can continue feeling supported as you integrate your takeaways from your VIP Day. This call will take place within one month after we meet in person.


In one day, we get to move things you've been struggling with for YEARS - things you've convinced yourself you can't do.

You will walk with a plan, tools to take home, 

and a knowing that this is exactly what you're meant to do!

So...are you ready to say yes to your life?!


Healing can be fun!


...feeling confident in yourself and knowing how to trust yourself.

...knowing exactly how to manage any unexpected life stressors, so that you remain grounded and in your power.

...having a deep knowing of your worth so you can stop wasting all that precious energy doubting yourself and finally manifest your wild dreams. 


Are you ready for change?

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This is your invitation to make yourself a priority.

Hosted at one of the best hotels in Napa CA, you will experience the true beauty of Napa in this tranquil healing environment.

Here's an example of how your VIP Day will flow:

10:00 am - We will meet poolside to unpack the heaviness you've been carrying. We will start to move energy around your fears, blocks and struggles. Let's shine a light on what's not working for you anymore. 

11:00 am - You will experience one of the most powerful, transformational healings of your life during a clairvoyant breathwork session. Here, I will be channeling messages for you to help you gain awareness and create more space for your desires. 

12:00 pm - Lunch time at one of Napa's best restaurants. As we enjoy a delicious lunch, you will continue to integrate and be in total receiving mode as I continue to hold space for you. 

1:30 pm - Let's digest. Upon returning to the estate, you will ground your body with a soundbath, elevate your frequency with rituals, and receive more spiritual coaching and guidance from me. 

3:00 pm - Let's have fun! After a day of releasing and expanding, I will take you to enjoy a wine tasting. If wine isn't your thing, we can lounge by the pool while we soak in the gorgeous views of Napa Valley. 

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This powerful healing immersion experience is designed to propel your growth in a single day.

Here are some of the transformations you can expect:

  • Leaving with a deeper sense of clarity and connection to yourself

  • Feeling rejuvenated 

  • Feeling more confident about yourself and who you are

  • Being grounded in your body

  • Feeling more connected to those around you

  • Leaving with deeper awareness 

  • Feeling more expansive and hopeful

  • Feeling inspired about life again

  • Creating mindset shifts

  • Feeling supported, heard, seen, and understood

  • Walking away with tools to support you navigate your life

  • Feeling connected and less lonely

  • Finding that spark in life again

  • Feeling lighter both physically and emotionally 

  • Re-discovering who you are and stepping into this new you

We all need time to unwind, get away, be supported, indulge, reset and relax. 

This VIP Healing Day Retreat is a blend of ALL that and more. 

  • You’ve been feeling disconnected or numb and are ready to re-discover that spark

  • You are ready to feel at home in your body and more confident than ever

  • You seek accelerated results 

  • You are tired of dealing with hidden patterns and want to fix them right away

  • You enjoy spending time focused on introspection, healing, and improving your life

  • You're tired of wasting time

  • You want increased power and command of your world

  • You have a deep knowing that you get to create a life you love

  • Things in your life need to change now 

  • You enjoy investing in becoming a better version of yourself

This is for you if:



This includes your VIP Day, plus our pre-call and a virtual private session after your VIP Day.

VIP Questions & Answers

What costs are covered during my VIP Day?

All expenses will be covered during our time together (10am - 4pm-ish) on your VIP Day, including meals, location, gifts, etc. Plus, you'll get a 30-minute pre-call via Zoom and a 90-minute 1:1 session via Zoom within one month after your VIP Day so you can continue feeling supported as you integrate your takeaways. 

You'll be responsible for getting yourself to/from our meeting location in Napa, booking a hotel, or anything else you might need. 

Can I bring a friend or a partner?

Yes! We can even make it a small group gathering (maximum of four people). Please email to let us know how many people will be participating. 

Where do you host VIP Days?

We will meet in-person in Napa, CA.

When do you host these?

I'm currently booking August 2022 - December 2022. VIP Days are generally hosted Tuesdays to Saturdays. 

Still have questions?

Send us an email at